Craft Concise Imagery With Monoflat Infographics Icons

Above all things, Bloomicon LTD is passionate about graphic design. A group of designers who came together with the sole purpose of creating work that they love, they regard solid design as a visual communication that balances clarity and simplicity. As graphic designers themselves, they are well experienced in the needs of those in their…

Cabarno: A Modern Sans Serif With A Human Touch

Before becoming a typographer, Thanarat Vachiruckul worked as a graphic designer full time, an occupation which offered him a unique view of typography as well as its endless possibilities and applications. Through his artistic involvement with wabi-sabi and other minimalist graphic styles, Thanarat found himself using typefaces more often than pictures. This led him to…

Cartograph - A Modern Monospace Type Design

Connary Fagen is back again this month, this time with the lovely Cartograph. Pairing the efficiency of a monospaced font with warmth and character, Cartograph CF is a handsome font family featuring both fixed-pitch and proportional sans versions. A tribute to the utilitarian beauty of terminals and typewriters, Cartograph excels in any setting.

Better? You Bet.

We’re always thinking about how to make YouWorkForThem better. Seriously, it keeps us up at night. We’re constantly improving the system whenever and however we can. You may have noticed already, but we wanted to run down the latest list of improvements. All-new Buying Options You can now select from the four most popular options,…

King, Duane

The portfolio of Duane King, amazing work and a great website.

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