A Modern Sans Serif For The Age Of Information: Informative From LatinoType

With more than ten years’ worth of history, LatinoType is now one of the most well-known type foundries ever to emerge from Chile. Established by Miguel Hernández, Luciano Vergara, and Daniel Hernández, the foundry has a stellar reputation for releasing fonts that give graphic designers everything they’re looking for in a type design. LatinoType’s work…

Buamai on iPhone

My latest side project for Graphic Designers and creatives is called Buamai. The project is only few months old but we already have 3000 images blogged. As of today, we now gave a great new iPhone application to bring this content to you while you are mobile. The application was created to grab random images from our server to cure your boredom as well as inspire. Images found on our site are mainly of Graphic Design, Art and Architecture interest but with some random, strange images thrown in for variety. Use our website to cure boredom, find talented artists or for gathering inspiration.

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