A Sweetly Rounded Sans And Script Family From LatinoType: Aromática

A decade into its existence, LatinoType has firmly established itself as one of Chile’s most notable digital type foundries. The foundry has earned a solid reputation for crafting type designs that hit every high note: exceptional functionality, fluid versatility, and strong aesthetics, while meeting the needs of graphic designers around the world. Miguel Hernández, Luciano…

A Narrow Sans With Incredible Legibility: Tablica From RMU Typedesign

RMU Typedesign is the personal label of Ralph Michael Unger, a type designer in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. Ralph began his career in typography early on after completing an apprenticeship in a small print shop in Thuringia. There, he worked with lead letters, galleys, and composing sticks, solidifying his hands-on experience in the art of typesetting….

Thai Script With A Technological Edge: Moldr Thai From Deltatype

A subsidiary of Craftsmanship Co., a design studio with an emphasis on identity, websites, motion graphics, and typography, Deltatype creates fresh, beautiful fonts for print and digital applications. Established by Kwanchai Akkaratammagul, Deltatype is based in Bangkok, Thailand, and is doing its level best to bring Thai typography to the forefront of the global graphic…

A Dynamic Slab Serif From Connary Fagan: Visby Slab CF

Connary Fagan has really created a name for himself in the field of typography, a well-earned status if his portfolio is anything to go by. A graphic designer and typographer with a solid background in identity, branding, art direction, and illustration, Connary has a deep understanding of the role that typography plays in quality graphic…

YWFT Valley Explores The Avant-Garde

Herb Lubalin is one of the most iconic typographers of the 20th century. Probably most well known for his typeface, Avant Garde, Lubalin was an absolute master of expressive typography, chucking the rules of traditional typography straight out the window in favor of artistic expression. In fact, he rejected the idea of calling himself a…

Our Biggest Sale Ever, Starts Now!

Cyber Monday is the perfect gift for those of us who prefer to shop from the comfort of our own homes, far away from the jam-packed parking lots, insane crowds, and mile-long lines at registers staffed by frazzled cashiers on Black Friday. With Cyber Monday, you get great deals with absolutely none of the hassle….

An Elegant Art Nouveau Type Design From Louise Fili: Montecatini

Louise Fili has led an incredibly prolific career as a graphic designer and typographer. The director of Louise Fili Ltd in New York City, Louise worked as an art director for Pantheon Books for more than a decade, designing more than 2,000 book covers during that time. She has co-authored more than 25 books on…

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