Cigarette Cards on NYPL

Found a collection of cigarette cards at the digital gallery of NY Public Library. I really like the proportions and the symbols for each armed forces division.

Was reading up about Salmonellosis today when I came across this interesting bit of information: The Four-Inch Law refers to a regulation passed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1975 outlawing the sale of turtles with a carapace length of less than four inches. Exceptions are present for scientific and educational use, export,…

Maker of contrasts. Kristi Sword.

From Iowa to Savannah to Atl to NYC, she’s a maker, materialsmith, a MFA in metals. Kristi Sword’s works in textures and contrasts. Good stuff, stuff, stuff.

Matthew Wahl Makes GOD Look Cool

Believe in god or not, the design work Matthew Wahl is doing for Christians is very nice work, and very progressive. Rock on God

YWFT Shirts

We just took part in a large exhibition about graphic design and the close relation to T-shirts. The exhibit was put together by KOP + Staynice and it goes until June 29 in Breda, the Netherlands during the Graphic Design Festival Breda. You can view the opening at this blog.


Isabella Rossellini explores the world of insect mating.  Get your freak on.

Free Work!?

We recently got an “offer” to work on a large art show revolved around an alcohol brand which I will leave unnamed and have no desire to call them out. This isn’t about one brand, it is about ALL companies that do this. Sadly, we get offers like this on a semi-regular basis. This is…

Found this little gem from over at Motionographer. Its always nice seeing shots from a Phantom camera, even if it does involve some pain on the actors/cast’s parts.

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