Big Fish by Emil Bertell

Big Fish is a low contrast Script and Slanted Casuals with bold characters. Big Fish has three weights of Script and a set of Extras that can be used as themselves or combined with script charters for custom swashes. Big Fish is packed with OpenType features: Keep on Contextual Alternates and Standard Ligatures for better flow and try Swashes to spice up your words. Big Fish Casuals is a sturdy casual lettering font with same stroke shapes as the script. Casuals works great with the script but is also a strong font by itself. All Big Fish fonts have wide language support and cover even Cyri…

Scanno by Tarallo Design

Scanno is a modern sans serif typeface that comes in eight weights and one condensed. Each weight has an oblique. It is a versatile family that is suitable for body, headline, and display text on screen or in print. Its open forms set a welcoming and friendly tone that renders well in all media. Scanno is warm and modern with a nostalgic hint of early sans serifs. It encapsulates both humanist and geometric qualities, while maintaining a sense of timelessness and neutrality, thus opening itself to a wide range of uses. Supported languages: Western European; Danish, Dutch, English, Icelandic…

The Standing still by Sigit Nur Wicaksono

The Standing still is a script font design published by Sigit Nur Wicaksono.

Greenstyle by Alan Parker

Introducing Greenstyle, a casual handcrafted typeface from Parker Creative! Greenstyle is a hybrid typeface that takes the imperfections of natural handwriting and marries it with the cleanliness of evenly weighted sans-serifs. The result is a clear, breathable look with casual hints of character and rustic style. Greenstyle works well for projects that require that friendly hand-crafted touch but also need to be highly legible for various sizes (like a casual dining restaurant menu, or eye-catching promotional material). Try Greenstyle out on your menus, business cards, flyers, digital sig…

Holoform 1 by Todd Proctor

Holoform is a versatile collection of holographic color washes on smoothly undulating 3d surfaces.

Holoform 2 by Todd Proctor

Holoform is a versatile collection of holographic colour washes on smoothly undulating 3d surfaces.

From Photo to Draw by Vintage Voyage Design

If you need an illustration and you don't have a time to learn to draw, Introduce you awesome photoshop action which help you transform your image **FROM PHOTO TO DRAW**! Create detailed digital illustration for a few seconds! Look at this amazing detailed lights and shadows. Create your posters, cards, t-shirts, packaging, book or magazines covers or just a website or blog pics with “From Photo to Draw” Action. —————— How it works: – Add the patterns to patterns palette – Load the actions – Open the PSD file and play with it. —————- What you get: – 13 Actions: – …