Bw Vivant by Branding with Type

Designed by Moritz Kleinsorge & Alberto Romanos, Bw Vivant is a glamorous sans serif font family. It marries the visual appeal of deeply modulated serif typefaces with a minimal geometric approach, discarding any accessory element on the hunt for the cleanest shapes. The result is a high contrast sans serif exuding elegance and glamour across every touchpoint, with subtle art-deco and classic cues coming through while feeling contemporary. Available in 7 weights with the “thins” staying constant throughout, Bw Vivant supports all European Latin languages and it includes OpenType features li…

Quiche by Adam Ladd

Quiche is a high-contrast, sans serif typeface featuring ball terminals and angled stems. This 52 font superfamily is a complete branding suite. The 4 subfamilies—Display, Fine, Stencil, and Text—were created to work harmoniously together based on the need. With weights ranging from thin to black and matching italics, there are a variety of applications that the fonts can be used for: print, web, branding, advertising, magazines, products, packaging, labels, etc. The design is influenced by the serif didone genre, characterized by its elegance and extreme thick/thins, but it removes the ser…

Waba by Lewis McGuffie Type

Waba, pronounced ‘Vah-bah’, is a font family that I designed. The name comes from a historical variation on the Estonian word ‘vaba’ – meaning ‘free’, or 'at liberty'.   Back in 2017 I visited the Estonian Print & Paper Museum in Tartu to see its great collection of type (well worth a visit!). While I was there I saw some big woodcut blocks of Reklameschrift Herold – a super Art Nouveau/Jugendstil style display font. The Print & Paper Museum's collection covers both Latin and Cyrillic faces and as a foreigner in these parts I'm kind of fascinated by the exoticism of Cyri…

Antara by Groen Studio

Antara is 3 style fonts, so, brush script that is beautiful and unique, it is a model of modern calligraphy typefaces, in combination with a calligraphy writing style. Features: Contextual Alternates Standart ligatures Stylistic Alternates Stylistic sets

Dress by Typesenses

Looking at some specimen books of printing types of late nineteenth century, I found many ornamented capitals for headings among the typefaces. Most of them showed a flourish like a tuscan serif – a characteristic trait of a peculiar capital lettering made with brush. Dress is the result of the mash up between that influence and the Didone style – perfect for display. To decorate, to adorn, to dress a design piece is the intention of this family, adapted to the twenty-first century. The font should embellish book covers, publications, packagings, movie posters, greeting cards, stationery, a…

Drone Ranger PRO by Vintage Type Co.

The original, best-selling, Drone Ranger Display Font has been completely re-drawn, re-vamped, and upgraded with a ton of extra features. Features include a full uppercase alphabet with alternate glyphs, varying stroke weights for better legibility, improved glyphs & numerals, fractions, and a full set of Adobe Latin 4 diacritics + basic Cyrillic. Much like the original Drone Ranger, the PRO version still carries the feeling of a dystopian, futurist design movement with its bold letterform structure, and chiseled corners. It rests somewhere between old & new.

Vin Sans Pro by Mint Type

Vin (translated from Ukrainian as “he”) is a superfamily consisting of three distinctly masculine typefaces with pronounced vertical stems and rounded corners. All three typefaces feature very large x-height for even more expression and assertiveness. Vin Sans Pro is a quite narrow rigid sans-serif typeface with extra-large x-height and rounded corners. It is perfect for any kind of short copy with lots of attention guaranteed.

Vin Slab Pro by Mint Type

Vin (translated from Ukrainian as “he”) is a superfamily consisting of three distinctly masculine typefaces with pronounced vertical stems and rounded corners. All three typefaces feature very large x-height for even more expression and assertiveness. Vin Slab Pro is a condensed rigid slab-serif with extra-large x-height and rounded corners. It is designed specifically for short texts to add significance and emphasis.

Geo Deco by Hello Mart

Geo Deco is a colorful and bold Art Deco and geometric design series. Each set is inspired by a city where Art Deco is a central part of the visual landscape. First in the series is the Los Angeles Collection — these designs are in neutral, rich and vivid colorways. The collection includes patterns and art elements designed to be complimentary and work in combination. These designs would work well for gift wrap, packaging, invitations, cards, wallpaper, notebook and book covers, cover art, graphic backgrounds, flyers, posters, fabric prints, art prints, stationery, collage, photo layering a…

Fleck by Hello Mart

Fleck is a collection of seamless flecked textures. Care was taken to finely design these textures so they are naturalistic and pleasing to the eye. The flecked textures come in black, white, color, multicolored and metallic versions. The color palettes include subtle, neutral, pastel and vivid hues. The metallic design options are gold, silver and rose gold. Use these textures for packaging, fabric printing, gift wrap, wallpaper, notebook and book covers, social media banners, blog headers, Instagram posts, flyers, posters, invitations, stationery, collage, photo layering and masking, with…

Warpa 2 by Mazarine

Warpa 2 is a collection of 42 vector warped textures that works great as backgrounds for presentations, book covers, posters, video and many other design uses.

Botanical Logo Kit by Anton Blinkov

This kit consists of 6 main logo designs + logo variations and sub mark designs making a total of 18 logo designs. Use one of them or a hull set to create a complete brand identity for yourself or your client. What you get: – 6 Photoshop files (each file has 1 main logo design and 2 compimentary designs inside it) – Vector (EPS) files for all graphical elements

Bird of Paradise Patterns by Piñata

Our bird patterns have an addition—we have developed a new collection of patterns dedicated to paradise birds as a complement to our song birds and owls patterns. To go on with bird-related topics this time, we were inspired by rare and unusual inhabitants of the tropics. The pride and adornment of these amazing creatures is their bright and unusual plumage. Therefore, in our patterns, we tried to convey in the most detailed way the atmosphere of paradise corners, paying special attention to the exquisite appearance of birds. The “Bird-of-paradise” collection of patterns consists of 10 orig…