Download Anaphora Font

Based in Florence, Italy, Zetafonts was founded by Debora Manetti, Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, and Francesco Canovaro more than ten years ago. Over the years, the foundry has collaborated with graphic designers and typographers and their work consistently maintains a high quality that relies on innovation, functionality, versatility, and an attractive presentation.

Their work manages to achieve a timeless quality, regardless of a font’s individual style or aesthetics. For Zetafonts, art must meet application, while remaining adaptable enough to meet current demands as popular styles ebb and flow. It’s no small feat, to be sure, but their dedication to typography is among the best in the world, and Zetafonts’ complete body of work is a shining example of their enthusiasm and commitment to their craft. Their fonts tend to straddle the middle ground between display and body text, offering graphic designers a lot of flexibility with their application.

Zetafonts also puts a lot of stock into the history of typography and the role it plays in current design. “When you draw letters, you’re actually playing with the DNA of our culture, both visual and written,” they noted. “Even a slight stylistic choice connects to the history of taste and design, and allows us to enrich our shapes with cultural connections.” For Zetafonts, the act of creating a font, whether it’s completely from scratch or a revival of a beloved classic, is a truly rewarding experience for all involved.

One of their more recent releases is Anaphora, a contemporary serif designed by Francesco and Lorenzo, in partnership with Andrea Tartarelli. Anaphora is a wedge serif type design that carries itself with contemporary sophistication and flair. Its novel design detailing make it one of those fonts that just stands out from the crowd, making it a particularly strong choice for branding and identity projects.

Anaphora is available in ExtraLight, Light, Thin, Regular, Medium, Book, Bold, ExtraBold, and Fat, with corresponding true italics for each. Its range of weights make it a fantastic choice for a wide variety of design projects, including signage, displays, advertisements, headlines, editorials, event programs, publishing, presentations, and beautiful web copy. Anaphora Stencil offers the same letter structure with fine stenciling details in Thin, Book, ExtraBold, and Fat, ideal for crafting embellished title sequences and notable logos.

As is the case with most of Zetafonts’ releases, Anaphora is heavy on the additional OpenType features, offering numerators, denominators, fractions, gorgeous discretionary ligatures, standard ligatures, ordinals, slashed zero, lining figures, tabular figures, small caps, unicase, and stylistic alternates for plenty of design flexibility. Its multilingual support is extensive, as well, covering Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Pan African Latin, Dutch, Afrikaans, Latin Ligatures, Basic Greek, and Basic Cyrillic for exceptional global accessibility.

Zetafonts currently offers almost 40 products through YouWorkForThem, a varied range of passionate handmade scripts, contemporary sans serifs, elegant serifs, and uncommon display fonts to suit an incredible range of project styles. Visit their portfolio to view the rest of their work and bookmark it so you won’t miss any of their future releases!