Download Naratif Condensed Font

Our childhoods leave their marks on us in ways we don’t often realize until we are fully grown. Fadhl Waliy Haqq first took an interest in calligraphy and lettering while he was still a young child in Surakarta, Indonesia, but it wasn’t until he was older that he was inspired to teach himself the art of typography.

When he felt secure in his education and ability, he established his own personal type foundry label, Akufadhl. The business grants him freedom of expression and a way to explore brand new ideas and designs that he finds interesting. It fosters his creativity and with each new release, he continues to learn new things along the way.

Fadhl has a particular love for hand-lettered signage and vintage typography, and font structures that carry themselves with a lot of personality – vital elements that play a starring role in much of his work. His design process involves sketching letterforms on paper, scanning them into the computer, vectorizing them to perfection, and adding a heavy dose of additional features and special characters. Flexibility and adaptability are key characteristics for any font, particularly in the eyes of graphic designers, and Fadhl strives to give them exactly what they need in their work.

One of his more recent releases is Naratif Condensed, a classically styled sans serif that capitalizes on vertical space. Designed to convey a powerful message where horizontal space is limited, Naratif Condensed will take your design project to brand new heights.

This modern classic is intelligently designed, offering a range of weights that make it adaptable to a variety of project themes and outputs. Available in Thin, ExtraLight, Light, Regular, Bold, ExtraBold, and Black, with corresponding italics for each, it’s ideal for displays, signage, headlines, editorials, body copy, publishing, corporate correspondence, white papers, presentations, infographics, website design, mobile applications, logos, product packaging, branding, and identity projects.

Like the rest of Fadhl’s work, Naratif Condensed is designed with flexibility in mind. It’s packed with additional features that include capitals to small caps, contextual alternates, case sensitive forms, numerators, denominators, fractions, standard ligatures, oldstyle figures, small caps, and stylistic alternates. Its multilingual support extends to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, and Pan African Latin languages for extensive global accessibility.

Akufadhl currently offers nine products through YouWorkForThem, a variety of sans serifs, handcrafted display fonts, and slab serifs to suit a wide range of design projects. Take a look at his portfolio to check out the rest of his body of work and bookmark it so you won’t miss out on any of his upcoming releases!