Download Porta Font

Hindia Studio is a design studio dedicated to crafting innovative visual design concepts for their international clientele. As a typography studio, it’s also dedicated to helping graphic designers by providing them with top quality fonts for their own projects.

One of their more recent releases on YouWorkForThem is Porta, a geometric all-caps sans serif with a decidedly futuristic edge. Porta is sleek and strong with a minimalist architecture that’s the absolute epitome of cool.

Porta is available in Bold and Light weights, giving designers a lot of flexibility with its all-caps structure. Porta Light feels delicate at first glance, but its thin strokes are anything but breakable. Its letterforms carry themselves with resilience and intent, standing confidently strong and delivering a message with grace, style, and an edgy panache.

Porta Bold is considerably heavier, featuring wide and determined strokes that demand every viewer’s undivided attention. It features the same architectural structure as its wispy sibling, but it speaks with a much louder voice and a far more authoritative tone.

Porta is a beautiful addition to any design project that needs an avant-garde letterset that’s modern and unexpected. Its Light variation is gorgeous on labels, tags, logos, and advertising. Porta Bold is a fantastic choice for displays, signage, logos, posters, book covers, product packaging, fashion spreads, and innovative headlines. Porta Light and Porta Bold are both ideal for branding and identity projects, and they work well together or alone.

Porta extends multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, and Pan African Latin languages, and it features its uppercase letters in two styles for greater design flexibility.

Hindia Studio currently offers just three products through YouWorkForThem and we’re really excited to see more of their work in the future. Visit Hindia Studio’s portfolio to view the rest of their type designs and bookmark it so you won’t miss any of their upcoming additions!