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Johannes Neumeier is a graphic designer and typographer with an extensive background in web develop and code design. Based out of Finland, he established Underscore as an independent type foundry and consulting business, one that allows him to craft type designs for both bespoke commissions and retail sales.

While Johannes still keeps his hands in visual design by working on interface design and web development projects whenever the opportunities present themselves, he is undoubtedly passionate about typography.

One of his more recent releases is Silta, a sans serif that was explicitly designed for interface design with an emphasis on crisp legibility. Even though it’s intended to serve as a strong contemporary type design for projects that require a neutral, no-nonsense tone, Silta manages to maintain a subtle friendly vibe that keeps it from feeling stringent at first glance.

To craft Silta, Johannes explored the subject of interface typography and screen reading with a goal of creating a type design that would act as a strong tool of communication, one that offered a comfortable reading experience. Its name, “silta,” actually means “bridge” in his native Finnish language, a perfect title for a font that enables designers to send a message that will be conveyed with the utmost clarity, anywhere across the digital globe.

“Analyzing the history and aesthetics of typefaces used in interfaces, the technical aspects of screen rendering, as well as applying research from cognitive psychology, Silta is the outcome of combining best trade practices with research finding in legibility and readability,” Johannes said of his recent work. “Categorized as a humanist sans serif also means the vertical proportions of the letters among each other draw on heritage that stems from hand-writing — as opposed to the more machine-like and constructed proportions of other grotesk sans serif genres.”

Its warm, humanist details are exactly what make Silta a friendly, approachable type design for a vast array of projects. Johannes took his design one step further, ensuring that letters will not be mistaken for one another, as can sometimes happen with the number one, the lowercase “L”, and the uppercase “i,” removing any shred of doubt in the reader’s mind. This is especially important in interface applications where one wrong letter in a string of code can completely break an application.

Download Silta Font

This modern workhorse font family is a brilliant addition to any design project that rests heavily on screen interfaces, including programming applications, digital signage, website design, mobile applications, and online reading. Seven weights that range from Thin to ExtraBold with corresponding true italics for each make Silta well suited to everything from headlines, editorials, web copy, corporate correspondence, presentations, infographics, and any design application that needs an impartial and clean sans serif. Silta’s characters are designed to work beautifully in even the smallest point necessary for intricate and informative details, such as those found on business cards, package inserts, labels, and fine print.

Silta is loaded with additional features that include case sensitive forms, fractions, denominator, numerator, ordinals, slashed zero, standard ligatures, subscript, superscript, and tabular figures. Its multilingual support is extensive, covering Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, Dutch, Afrikaans, Igbo Onwu, and Basic Greek, offering global accessibility for more than 200 languages.

Underscore currently offers just two products through YouWorkForThem and we’re looking forward to seeing more of Johannes’ work in the future. Visit his portfolio and bookmark it so you won’t miss out on any of his upcoming additions!