Download Flowers 02 Stock Graphics

Flowers have been a source of artistic inspiration for as long as flowers have existed (we’re looking at you, Georgia O’Keeffe). Throughout the ages, floral shapes and patterns have remained a popular element of design around the world, although their presentations have certainly changed by era and decade. Such is the nature of design; it is in a constant state of evolution.

It’s the twenty-first century and the current era is a digital one, which is why Sigma designed a collection of vector flowers with a contemporary twist. Flowers 02 is a collection of 25 ornamental floral shapes that put a radial spin on the natural beauty of flowers.

Flowers 02 features a series of intricately crafted graphic icons that evoke the familiar and delicate structures of petals using vector shapes. The result is a set of modern graphics that are at times almost kaleidoscopic in nature, creating mesmerizing patterns and contours that draw the viewer’s eye.

The images in Flowers 02 are perfect for any project that needs a touch of the natural world in a more contemporary, digitized form, including stationery, presentations, patterns, wallpapers, backgrounds, website designs, merchandise, product packaging and logos.

Flowers 02 is comprised of vector .EPS files so we highly recommend that you use a vector program like Freehand, Adobe Illustrator, or Corel Draw to achieve the best results with this product.

Sigma offers a vast collection of vector graphics created by YouWorkForThem’s own designers. With more than 70 products available in Sigma’s portfolio, we’re sure you’ll find some great stuff to work with for your next design project!