Download Golden Youth Font

Set Sail Studios is the online store established by UK graphic designer and typographer, Sam Parrett. Set Sail Studios provides graphic designers with unique assets they can’t find anywhere else, including Sam’s own typography.

Six years spent working as a graphic designer in the music industry has certainly left its mark on Sam’s design style, preferring to take an organic, handcrafted approach to his lettering. Every brushstroke is imbued with emotion, a characteristic that’s indicative of Sam’s passion for his craft. His work is expressive and artistic, and if you’re looking for type designs that are loaded with personality and individual flair, Set Sail Studios should be among the top resources in your list.

One of Sam’s more recent releases is Golden Youth, a perfectly-balanced set of fonts that pairs a contemporary and condensed sans serif with a vibrant script. This font bundle is a stylish addition to any designer’s toolbox; it’s fresh, youthful, and incredibly versatile. The four fonts included in Golden Youth work beautifully together as companions, yet they’re strong enough to stand entirely on their own.

Golden Youth Caps is the all-caps, trendsetting sans, carrying itself with a posture that effortlessly demonstrates its role as the long and lean runway model of the set. It screams “high fashion,” making the most of limited horizontal space by going full-on vertical. We’re talking legs for days. Golden Youth Caps is a beautiful addition to fashion spreads, advertising, model photography collections, displays, signage, logos, and any design project that needs a heavy dose of urban elegance.

Golden Youth Script is an electric cursive script that’s full of vitality. Thin, hurried strokes illustrate a life lived in the fast lane, one that’s hellbent on taking advantage of every single moment because youth is fleeting. Golden Youth Script is a celebration in monoline text-form, one that’s at home in everything from advertising to greeting cards, apparel, inspiring social media imagery, logos, product packaging, branding, and identity.

Golden Youth Alt presents an entire second set of Golden Youth Script with new versions of the upper and lowercase letters. Pairing the two fonts together will enable designers to craft custom words and phrases using characters from each, building unique lettering combinations with subtle variations.

Golden Youth Extras allows designers to generate ligatures without the use of OpenType software. Uppercase A-Z and lowercase a-d characters will result in ligatures. Special end characters can be found in lowercase e-l, and swashes can be accessed in lowercase m-p.

Golden Youth extends multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, and Pan African Latin languages, covering English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Indonesian, Filipino, and Malay for exceptional global accessibility.

Set Sail Studios currently offers 40 products through YouWorkForThem, an incredible collection of passionately-crafted type designs to suit a variety of projects. Visit their portfolio to see the rest of their products and if you love handwritten fonts with a lot of personality, bookmark it so you won’t miss any of their upcoming additions!