Download Master Works Font

BLKBK is a design studio established by Justin Graefer and Derek Campbell in 2013. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, BLKBK excels in type design, lettering, graphic design, art direction, and branding.

Much of their work is inspired by vinyl artwork from the 1970s and VHS covers from 1980s’ movies, along with hip hop and hand-painted signage. These influences meld together and bleed into all of BLKBK’s work, resulting in type designs that are full of character and personality, while creating a powerful, emotional connection with the viewer.

Perhaps its the nostalgia of such recognizable influences that makes BLKBK’s work an instant classic. Elements of the past are comforting and familiar to most of us, and they breathe a subtle air of sentimentality into otherwise modern designs. Further adding to that key attribute, BLKBK readily takes a handcrafted approach to their work, resulting in a high degree of texture that echoes their passion for their own craft.

BLKBK also understands the importance of solid type design and layout within visual communication, and the overall effect it has on the viewer. “When you can see life within lettering, meaning you can see the human elements such as passion and soul behind what would otherwise appear to be a simple digitized piece of artwork, it gives deeper meaning and purpose to a letter in a word and what it communicates,” they said.

BLKBK’s work is known for having a tangible spirit and soul, both of which are evident in one of their recent releases, Master Works. This handwritten script is imperfect and real, with subtly distressed letterforms steeped in a wealth of life experience.

Reminiscent of the type of writing one might find in an old journal or a recipe card that shares an old grandmother’s secret recipe, Master Works is honest and true, a sage cursive script with a lot of wisdom to impart. It’s been around the world a time or two; it’s seen some things, and it has much to tell you.

This type design is a beautiful addition to projects that need an organic, handmade touch, including labels, product packaging, and stationery. Master Works is wonderfully suited to website designs – particularly online journals, advertising, branding, merchandise, apparel, posters, and social media images.

Master Works extends multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, and Pan African Latin for global accessibility.

BLKBK currently offers more than 100 unique and inspiring type designs through YouWorkForThem, a collection that offers something for any project that needs an expressive font to take center stage. Visit their portfolio to view the rest of their products and you’re going to want to bookmark it so you won’t miss any of their upcoming releases!