Intricate decorations and flourishes have the ability to create a polished appearance in any work of art, whether you’re working in traditional or digital media. Ornamental details are powerful additions, but as designers, let’s be honest… sometimes they can be a real pain in the ass to create.

Brush 37, part of Sigma’s Guilloche series, is a vector brush set of 25 designs for crafting elaborate patterns and highly detailed flourishes with ease.

The term, “guilloche,” actually refers to a mechanical technique for engraving complex and repetitive patterns into a physical surface like metal, stone, or wood. It’s also typically used to describe repetitive architectural patterns that emerge from a series of interwoven lines, much like the patterns you’ll be able to create with Brush 37.

Just as mechanical inventions allowed the artisans of yore to craft intricate designs with far greater precision and speed over labor-intensive hand engraving methods, this vector brush set enables graphic designers to achieve similar results in digital media in a fraction of the time. Brush 37 makes it easy to create gorgeous flourishes, unique ornaments, and completely custom border details in Adobe Illustrator.

Brush 37 is useful for any project that requires elaborate design detailing, including book covers, invitations, logos, emblems, stationery, posters, presentations, business cards, product packaging, tickets, tags, and labels. These brushes were saved to work specifically with Adobe Illustrator, so it’s what we recommend designers use for their application.

Sigma is a varied collection of vector goodies created by YouWorkForThem’s own designers. With more than 70 products currently available in their portfolio, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll be able to design with Sigma’s vectors on hand.