Origami turns regular paper into something absolutely magical. A fascinating form of sculpture that’s typically associated with Japanese culture, origami is an art form unlike any other. Like the caterpillar as it patiently becomes a butterfly, through a series of intentional bends and folds, a flat sheet of basic paper can metamorphosize into just about anything you can imagine. A dragon. A palm tree. A surging ocean wave.

That same intricate, three-dimensional effect can be found in Origami Waves 03, a vector collection inspired by Origami patterns. Designed by Sigma, YouWorkForThem’s own graphic designers, Origami Waves 03 is a visually captivating exploration of lines and shapes that leave a stereographic impression with the viewer.

Comprised of 25 vector drawings, Origami Waves 03 toys with your perception, presenting both depth and movement through a static image. Undulating, fluid waves created through a series of warped lines breathe life into any design, while geometric shapes offer intriguing optical illusions that demand attention.

These unique design elements are perfect for any design project that needs a touch of contemporary motion, including logos, product packaging, merchandise, labels, business cards, website design, book covers, presentations, and corporate images.

Origami Waves 03 is available in vector EPS format so we recommend designers use vector editing software like Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, or CorelDRAW to make the most of the images in this set. While Adobe Photoshop can certainly open EPS files, your editing capabilities will be limited.

Sigma offers a wide variety of vector sets crafted by YouWorkForThem’s own designers. With more than 70 products available in their extensive portfolio, there’s a lot of great stuff to check out, especially if you work with patterns and borders on a regular basis.