Download Tomarik Font

Jonathan Hill began his career as a graphic designer in the music industry in his hometown of Sheffield. Over time, he deftly refined his skills in the field of typography, an enterprise that would eventually lead him down a path where he found himself taking a much more professional interest specifically in type design.

He went on to establish his own logo and type design studio in 2006. He named it The Northern Block, and the rest is basically history at this point. The Northern Block is notorious for crafting modernist type designs that cater toward the industries of video gaming, computers, electronics, and mobile app developers. Overall, though, their body of work is extensive, delving into themes and styles that suit a variety of other industries.

The Northern Block prizes visual appeal, functionality, and design versatility in all of their work. The studio collaborates with a number of graphic designers and typographers to craft only the very best products for a global design industry.

Mariya Pigoulevskaya, now a senior type designer at The Northern Block, joined the studio when she was fresh from the university. She knew she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with the studio, and the moment she did, a new world of typography opened up before her very eyes. When she began at The Northern Block, her type design experience was limited to a number of student and personal projects. Over time, however, her career in typography only continued to flourish in that creative studio in Newcastle upon Tyne, learning directly from Jonathan Hill’s own wealth of knowledge and experience.

Released by The Northern Block, one of Mariya’s latest fonts, Tomarik, is a hand drawn display font with a playful disposition. Whenever she works on a type design, Mariya tries to balance functionality with individuality, an endeavor that she absolutely hit out of the park with Tomarik.

This charming font offers lettering with a cheerful, casual demeanor. It celebrates whimsy through its imperfect architecture, a confident and carefree alphabet that puts the viewer at ease and brings a smile to every face. Sweet and natural, Tomarik is a fun-loving type design that gives graphic designers a lot to play with.

Nine distinct fonts come together to build a family that’s rich with personality. Tomarik Brush is an all caps letter set that features heavy, bold strokes. Tomarik Display seems to resonate with a subtle Art Deco vibe, with solid lines that pack a punch. Tomarik Display Line, Tomarik Display Shadow, and Tomarik Display Line Shadow offer artistic variations of the same architecture to create diverse two- and three-dimensional effects.

For a thinner variation, Tomarik Extrovert and Tomarik Introvert both take on a lankier posture reminiscent of elementary handwriting examples on a classroom chalkboard, featuring both upper and lowercase lettering. Tomarik Poster provides a somewhat condensed letter set written in heavy marker strokes, and the entire family is rounded out with the addition of Tomarik Serif, a classy-casual, all caps serif.

Tomarik is organic and agreeable, making it appropriate for product packaging that’s geared toward farm-fresh wares and natural cosmetics, merchandise, posters, children’s publications, logos, website designs, and any project that needs a relaxed, playful type design to take center stage.

Tomarik comes with a selection of OpenType features, including denominators, numerators, ordinals, subscript, superscript, and scientific inferiors. Its multilingual support is particularly extensive, covering Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, Dutch, Pinyin, Basic Greek, and Basic Cyrillic for incredible global language accessibility.

The Northern Block currently offers 95 products through YouWorkForThem, a vast array of type designs to suit a countless number of projects. Visit their portfolio to view the rest of their work and check back often to catch their new releases.