Back in the days when most television displays were still black and white, kids had pretty basic things to play with. There were rocks, and sticks, and dirt… along with other favorites that included GI Joe, Barbie, and the Easy-Bake Oven. To this day, we’re absolutely amazed that a brownie could be cooked to perfection using a light bulb.

In the mid 1960s, child artists around the world swooned over the release of Spirograph, a toy that used plastic gears, some cardboard, paper, and a pen to create spellbinding mathematical roulette curves and captivating visual designs.

Spirograph was still hella popular in the 1980s, a plaything made even better by the invention of four-color retractable ball point pens. You could use different rings, rotors, and gears with all sorts of pen color combinations to produce unique spirograph designs every time.

(But no matter how much you wanted to, you could never get all four pen colors to descend at the same time. And you still can’t – we know because we tried.)

The Spirograph introduced kids to mathematical curves, even though they were totally unaware of it, and it kept them occupied for hours at a time because the design possibilities were truly limitless. To this day, vector designs that recall the familiar, fluid lines created by a Spirograph are hypnotizing and delightful to get lost in.

Crafted by the designers at YouWorkForThem, Empire Brush 02 will give you the same sensation of playing with a Spirograph while working in Adobe Illustrator. This set of 25 vector brushes offers an endless array of design possibilities, including borders, patterns, symbols, and emblems with intricate details reminiscent of empire currency systems.

Each brush is fluid and crisp, making it easy to create beautiful flourishes and ornaments with a decidedly royal tenor. Logos will appear more regal, emblems will feel official and authoritative, and decorative borders will become instantly and perfectly polished with the use of Empire Brush 02.

Sigma is a broad collection of vectors crafted by YouWorkForThem’s own designers. With more than 70 products available in Sigma’s portfolio, you’re sure to find some one-of-a-kind vector eye candy to play with during your next project so check them out!