A circle, at its most basic, is nothing more than a geometric shape whose center point is equidistant from every other point along its boundary. It’s a pleasing structure to look at, certainly, being comprised of a single curved line that appears to have no beginning and no end. It simply… is.

A circle is strong and unbreakable, offering a sense of permanence and immortality through its design. Throughout human history, circles have been held in the highest regard from a spiritual standpoint, and they’re a key component in design aesthetics that span centuries.

To that end, Sigma, a collection of vector images created by the designers at YouWorkForThem, crafted a set of beautiful radial shapes and diagrams to make it easy to add decorations and flourishes to your work. Krom 03 is a series of 20 circular vector elements that will add the perfect embellishment to logos, labels, product packaging, website motifs, book covers, posters, presentations, and more.

While the basis for Krom 03 is a circle, the collection is anything but plain or simplistic. Offering a diverse selection of modern radial formations in varying degrees of complexity, the vectors within this set were created in black and white and full color to give designers more creative options in their projects.

The vector images in Krom 03 are designed to work with vector editing software like Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, and CorelDRAW for best results. Adobe Photoshop can open EPS files, but with less flexibility than a vector editor will provide.

Sigma is a diverse anthology of vectors created by YouWorkForThem’s own designers. With more than 70 products currently available in Sigma’s portfolio, you’re sure to find some fantastic additions for your upcoming design projects!