When we were kids, there was no candy in the world that was “bad” candy. It was all glorious. A lost and unwrapped Jolly Rancher or Laffy Taffy that fell between the couch cushions, one that mingled with the crumbs of the Goldfish crackers we ate a month before, was still “okay” to eat because it was candy and we couldn’t let it go to waste. Oh, there was a bit of dog hair stuck to it, too? No problem! Our determined little fingers picked that stuff off and we ate the candy, anyway.

The fact is that candy is delicious, even if it’s a little grimy on the surface, and YouWorkForThem has crafted a font that perfectly blends the sweet with the dirty. YWFT Watermelon has a relaxed and playful architecture, expertly balanced with a gritty, edgy attitude. Youthful but street-smart beyond its years, Watermelon is a handwritten, all-caps type design with a soft graffiti-like texture. We describe it as being “like a gummy bear with a mild case of road rash” because if you’ve ever found a lone gummy bear stuck to the pavement, it very much looks like the imprint of YWFT Watermelon.

Heavy, rounded brush strokes add a friendly and approachable vibe, while three varying levels of weathering give designers a lot of flexibility in their work. Watermelon A displays a light, sticky roughness along its surface, while Watermelon B and C are progressively more distressed.

The organic structure and casually in-your-face posture of Watermelon is particularly well-suited to the food and beverage industry, including product packaging, logos, branding, advertising, and displays. It’s also a great addition to posters, social media imagery, apparel, merchandise and any design project that needs a touch of rough, sugary sweetness. Its multilingual support extends to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, and Dutch for extensive global accessibility.

Right now through September 30, 2017, Watermelon is on sale for 50% off of its regular price so it’s a sweet time to add this one to your font collection!

As graphic designers ourselves, YouWorkForThem has a portfolio of more than 100 products to suit a wide range of design projects!