Sam Parrett is a UK designer who’s clearly got a knack for crafting charismatic letter sets that pack an emotional punch. His work favors hand-drawn strokes because of their richly expressive qualities; each of Sam’s type designs has a distinct personality and unique story to tell. He crafts his letter sets by hand using organic materials like paint, ink, brushes, and pens to create lavish texture and emphatic presence.

Set Sail Studios is Sam’s online store, a virtual warehouse of innovative products for contemporary graphic designers. It’s clear from the success he’s seen so far that designers are loving his work, too; Sam’s type designs captured three out of ten spots in our Top Ten Fonts Of 2016.

One of his latest releases is Backlash Font Duo, a passionate and spirited set of marker-written fonts that complement one another perfectly. Including a hastily-written yet fancy Script along with its supportive All Caps, Backlash Font Duo is a fiery pair of handwritten letter sets that offer designers a lot of versatility in their work.

Whenever Sam creates a new handwritten font, he puts extra care into his letter selection, crafting multiple versions of each glyph and choosing the best ones to complete the set. To that end, most of his work offers multiple alternative styles for each letter and Backlash Font Duo is no different. Integrating letters from Backlash Script and Backlash Script Alt, designers are able to craft unique letter combinations for a truly handcrafted appearance in their work. Backlash Small Caps also includes two sets of capital letters, making it easy to achieve the same effect.

Backlash Font Duo is an energetic choice for apparel, album covers, logos, posters, social media imagery, handwritten quotes, digital artwork, displays, advertising, branding, and merchandise. Its feminine style and natural elegance makes it especially well suited to the modern fashion industry.

Multilingual support extends to English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Finnish, Indonesian, Filipino, and Malay for global accessibility.

If you haven’t already, you should check out the rest of Set Sail Studios’ portfolio on YouWorkForThem. If you love expressive, handwritten type designs as much as we do, you’re in for a real treat.