Working together under the label, Tyfomono, brothers Firman Suci Ananda and Fajar Wahyu Pribadi are on a mission to support and perpetuate typography in Indonesia. After working in graphic and visual design for several years, Firman and Fajar eventually began exploring typography through self-education. Their first type design was built as a “simple script typeface,” a signature-style font that met with its own share of success and inspired the team to continue onward into an exciting new endeavor.

One of their most recent releases is TF Opicular, a contemporary geometric sans serif with minimalist roots. TF Opicular is straightforward and pristine, with absolutely stellar legibility even in small point. Perfectly balanced proportions lend an assertive air of confidence and authority. Because it lacks a rigidity oftentimes associated with geometric sans serifs, TF Opicular conveys its message without coming across as severe or uncompromising, while allowing for a comfortable reading experience in longer passages.

TF Opicular is a clean, neutral choice for print and digital publishing, e-books, magazines, white papers, corporate correspondence, advertising, labels, presentations, business cards, web content, site design, and mobile applications.

Available in three weights with corresponding italics for each, TF Opicular extends multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, Dutch, and Afrikaans for global accessibility.

Firman and Fajar currently offer seven products through their portfolio on YouWorkForThem, a selection of work that includes scripts, display fonts, and sans serifs to suit a variety of design projects. We recommend you check them out, and bookmark their page so you can watch for new additions!