Founded by Dustin Lee, RetroSupply Co. is a creative market dedicated to mid-twentieth century design elements. Dustin has always been drawn to this era in particular, studying the aesthetics of pulp comic books, cone-top beer cans, and his uncle’s old hardware boxes. After becoming a designer, Dustin admittedly found it rather difficult to emulate their appearance in a realistic way.

It wasn’t until he relocated to spend a year taking care of his grandmother that he found an opportunity to work in what he called a “retro lab,” a haven of 1950s style and memorabilia (otherwise known as his grandma’s house). There, he scanned old product boxes, rooted through her garage and attic for textured treasures, visited local antique shops, and took photographs at the beach boardwalk in Santa Cruz, all the while teaching himself how to distill the retro-ness from real world objects to create useful graphic tools for the design industry.

These days, RetroSupply Co. has built its reputation as an absolutely essential resource for any graphic designer who wants to add realistic midcentury effects to their work. Dustin offers a metric ton of fonts, textures, print effects, brushes, logos, and layer styles for crafting authentic aged textures, all of which are derived from physical materials.

One of RetroSupply Co.’s latest releases is The Ultimate Screen Printing Kit, an incredibly valuable toolkit that makes screen print effects a breeze to create. Loaded with halftone textures created by screen printer Rob Brink and a series of ink overlays that offer both ink roller and rough ink textures, The Ultimate Screen Printing Kit even comes with a helpful guide and three video tutorials to get you started.

Relying on smart PSDs, this toolkit couldn’t be any easier to use. Designers can place up to three different color layers into clearly-marked folders, adjusting the textures for each color to create the desired effect. Like all of RetroSupply Co.’s products, the hard work of creating authentic texture has already been done for you – drop a few layers, adjust them to your liking, and you’ve instantly turned your work into a piece of midcentury art!

If you love The Ultimate Screen Printing Kit, you’ve got to check out the rest of RetroSupply Co.’s portfolio on YouWorkForThem. It’s packed with dozens of useful timesavers and if you do a lot of 19th century-themed design work, it should be one of your top online resources.