Living his life as an authentically creative soul, Ian Barnard is a calligrapher and typographer in Crowborough, South East England. Ian began an exploration into typography four years ago with a self-led introduction to calligraphy, kindling a passion for hand-lettering that would eventually bloom into a raging wildfire. After sharing his calligraphy on Instagram, one of Ian’s followers responded by asking if he would ever release a font based on his lettering. With that idea firmly planted in his mind, he decided to give it a whirl.

Type design indeed presented a bit of a steep learning curve, especially in the beginning, but Ian’s unwavering determination to succeed is what kept him pushing forward. He enjoyed the process, and he’s grateful to have taken the opportunity to learn type design because it’s led him down a career path he might not have considered otherwise. From our vantage point, it seems a profession that was destined because typography blends two of Ian’s favorite things: calligraphy and the joyful act of working with his hands.

He is happiest when he’s creating, making a point to develop new works of hand-drawn art every day because he equates his creativity to a muscle – one that must be exercised often. Ian also recognizes the benefit of surrounding himself with other creative types, so he helps to organize coffeeshop meet-ups where local designers can communicate and network with one another in a casual and inspiring atmosphere.

Relatively new to YouWorkForThem, one of Ian’s latest releases is Smoothy, a font duo that pairs a mono-weight cursive script with a complementary, softly rounded sans serif. Based on Ian’s most popular hand-lettered style, Smoothy carries itself with a decidedly retro posture, emerging as a perfect choice for any design project that needs a subtle touch of vintage flair.

Smoothy is a casually elegant pair of lettersets, finding itself equally at home on wedding invitations and upscale restaurant menus, or graphic tees and social media images. Smoothy’s script and sans work beautifully together or alone, making it an exceedingly versatile addition to any designer’s font stash.

The capital flourishes of Smoothy Script are particularly well suited to sophisticated event invitations or monogrammed logo designs, product packaging, branding, fashion advertising, and labels. The all-caps Smoothy Sans works well as a secondary accent, and it’s also a great choice for postcard designs, posters, graphic tee text, business cards, branding, logos, and so much more.

Smoothy extends multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Vietnamese, Pan African Latin, Pinyin, and Igbo Onwu for exceptionally far-reaching global accessibility.

From what we’ve seen so far, Ian Barnard is one you’re gonna want to keep an eye on, so check out the rest of his portfolio and bookmark it so you won’t miss his future releases!