Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Chatnarong Jingsuphatada is a skilled graphic designer and passionate typographer. He has an innate understanding of the powerful role that letterforms fill in the world of graphic design, and that’s what essentially drew him toward type design in the first place. While working in the field as a designer, whenever he couldn’t find the exact font he needed for a project, he took it upon himself to create one from scratch.

A couple of years after his initial journey into the world of typography, Chatnarong established Superstore Font Foundry, and later on, its subsidiary, Typesketchbook.

Chatnarong’s background in graphic design has given him a deep comprehension of what it is that other designers are really looking for when it comes to their work, leading him to create type designs that offer unique concepts and substantial flexibility. He’s always working on new projects, and we’re excited to introduce you to his latest release, Grimpt.

Grimpt is a little wild and reckless, celebrating raw artistry through its organic letterforms. Designed with the fashion industry in mind, this family of 12 fonts offers a series of stylish brush scripts, grungy sans serifs, and wispy handwritten scripts that will breathe individuality into every design.

With a perfect touch of roughness around the edges, these inky letter sets include Regular and Rust versions, giving designers an easy way to add an an extra level of texturing to projects that need a more weathered appearance. Grimpt performs exceptionally well in displays, signage, advertising, product packaging, magazines, posters, apparel, logos, branding, and just about any project involving the fashion industry.

Multilingual support extends to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, and Basic Greek for global accessibility.

Right now through August 31, 2017, Grimpt is on sale for 85% off of its regular price so it’s a great time to add this one to your font cache!

Chatnarong currently offers more than 25 products through YouWorkForThem. Visit Typesketchbook’s portfolio to view the rest of his work and keep an eye out for new releases because they’re on their way!