Foundry Favorites is our new blog series that brings focus to the personal favorites of designers, studios, and foundries on YouWorkForThem.

Continuing this series, we spoke with Olivier Gourvat from Mostardesign, an independent type foundry in the South West of France. Having worked in the field of graphic design himself, Olivier has a deep understanding of the industry’s needs and he has made it his mission to create type designs that offer a lot of versatility.

Filson Soft is one of Olivier’s favorite type designs because, as he told us, it is “a stylish and rounded type family that oozes roundness and harmony.” This supple version of Filson Pro pairs contemporary, geometric aesthetics with a warm, friendly disposition. With eight weights that range from a delicate Thin to a robust Heavy, Filson Soft is well suited to a wide variety of design projects that include headlines, body text, web copy, e-publishing, and mobile applications. It’s packed with extensive OpenType features and multilingual support for global accessibility.

Olivier is also partial to Univia Pro. “I really enjoy creating this type of typeface,” he told us, explaining that it’s a technological (yet simple) font family with readability in mind. This decidedly modern type design borders on the futuristic, offering a charming personality through its rounded curves and smooth corners. Univia Pro delivers nine weights that range from Ultra Light to Ultra with corresponding italics for each, making it perfect for everything from bold displays, headlines, body copy, website design, and mobile applications. In typical Mostardesign fashion, this font family is also jam-packed with OpenType features and extensive multilingual support that includes Basic Cyrillic.

Out of all of his releases, Sofia Pro holds the most special place in Olivier’s heart. “It represents the first big font family I made when I started the foundry,” he reminisced, adding that it is his precious jewel, one he holds particularly dear. Designed in 2008, Sofia Pro has become one of his best-selling and most popular fonts. Graceful and contemporary with curves that are pure harmony, this font family is available in eight weights that range from UltraLight to Black with corresponding italics for each. It’s well-suited to just about any type of project and the latest version offers extensive OpenType capabilities and multilingual support.

A contemporary font family inspired by typewriter characters, Magnetic Pro rounds out Olivier’s top four favorites. This geometric sans serif carries a monoline structure and amplifies it with sharp, angular cuts that embody our technologically-driven culture. It’s excellent for programming and mobile applications due to its exceptional legibility, yet it’s also great for publications, presentations, posters, and infographics centered on the subjects of technology, science, and computers. Available in eight weights that range from Thin to Black, Magnetic Pro also includes a set of Extras, 57 dingbats that include useful shapes, icons, and catchwords.

YouWorkForThem also has a few favorites among Mostardesign’s portfolio, including Filson Pro, Chronica Pro, Metronic Slab Pro, and Interval Next.

Filson Pro was designed to be stylish and versatile. The graceful, elegant curves of this geometric sans serif add a timeless quality to its architecture, one that is classic and contemporary all at the same time. Filson Pro is positively gorgeous in headlines, editorials, body copy, product packaging, e-publishing, web content, and mobile applications. It’s available in eight weights that range from Thin to Black with corresponding italics for each, with a host of OpenType features and extensive multilingual support.

Released in 2015, Chronica Pro is described as “a humanist spirit in a geometric body,” a spot-on commentary. Perfectly balanced and masterfully drawn, Chronica Pro is an ideal choice for publishing, editorials, headlines, corporate communications, presentations, web content, mobile applications, product packaging, and branding. Available in nine weights that range from UltraLight to Black, Chronica Pro is a powerful family that offers a ton of OpenType features for additional versatility along with comprehensive language support.

Metronic Slab Pro is a companion to Metronic Pro, a font family driven by the themes of technology and minimalism. Metronic Slab Pro offers a stylish, contemporary structure with a mechanical edge that is anything but cold and unfeeling. Metronic Slab Pro is an excellent choice for web copy, mobile applications, headlines, editorials, and publishing that takes a scientific approach. With weights that range from Air to Black, Metronic Slab Pro also offers a series of icons perfect for infographics, interfaces, and mobile applications.

A superfamily of 16 fonts in eight weights, Interval Next is a decisive, contemporary sans serif released in 2016. Condensed, Narrow, Roman, and Wide styles provide designers with incredible flexibility in their work, particularly in branding and identity projects. Interval Next offers high legibility, making it appropriate for bold displays and signage, publishing, headlines, editorials, corporate communications, product packaging, labels, web content, and mobile applications. The list of OpenType features is phenomenal and its multilingual support includes Basic Cyrillic for global accessibility.

Mostardesign currently offers 26 products in their portfolio and we’re always looking forward to Olivier’s new releases!