Francesco Canovaro, Debora Manetti, and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini established Zetafonts more than a decade ago. The foundry, based in Florence, Italy, is dedicated to designing typefaces that are aesthetically beautiful and incredibly functional in their application. They take an innovative and experimental approach to design, crafting unique fonts for a worldwide audience.

Zetafonts understands that type must always serve a purpose; it has to be designed with real usage in mind. At the same time, their typography also displays an innate characteristic of absolute timelessness, one that establishes and maintains relevance to the world of modern graphic design. Their artistry is truly one-of-a-kind and we’re always excited to feature Zetafonts’ work on our blog.

One of their latest releases is Cinematografica, an homage to vintage movie title sequences. Designed by Francesco Canovaro, Cinematografica is a dramatically ultra-condensed sans serif, one that instantly evokes the nostalgia of classic cinema.

The structure of this all-caps/small-caps type design is strong and unyielding; it simply demands to be seen. Cinematografica stands upright with a confident demeanor, making it an eye-catching choice for film posters, motion picture title sequences, screen infographics, book cover designs related to the film industry, movie marketing, and even film festival advertising — the font was used in the campaign for Lucca Comics 2017 Festival.

Cinematografica is available in seven weights that range from Thin to Heavy, giving designers a wide range of styles to work with. It offers OpenType alternate glyphs, discretionary ligatures, and standard ligatures that provide a selection of short catchwords for connecting phrases.

Its multilingual support shines like a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, covering Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, Dutch, Afrikaans, Basic Greek, and Basic Cyrillic to accommodate an impressive range of foreign film design applications.

Right now through July 30, 2017, Cinematografica is on sale for 50% off of its regular price so it’s an excellent time to add this one to your collection.

Zetafonts currently offers 19 products through YouWorkForThem, an elegant collection of work that you won’t want to miss. Visit their portfolio to see the rest of their typography and check back often for new additions because if there’s one thing we know about Zetafonts, it’s this: whatever they release next is guaranteed to be amazing.