Established in 2007 as Chile’s first digital type foundry, LatinoType has gone on to make a name for itself and all of Latin America among the world of typography. Miguel Hernández initially founded LatinoType and he was later joined by Luciano Vergara and Daniel Hernández. Together, this trio works with a growing number of graphic designers and typographers in an effort to continuously support the art of typography in South America.

The men behind LatinoType often conduct workshops that enable them to share their vast knowledge and experience, engaging with other designers and aspiring typographers on a personal and relatable level. Collaboration is a key element of their LatinoType’s style, cultivating an environment that encourages artistry and innovation, and ultimately, some of the highest quality fonts available on the market.

One of their most recent releases is Catrina, designed by Elizabeth Hernández. This sweetly expressive serif carries itself with a beautifully informal posture, balancing its playful nature with clean legibility. Catrina offers an organic presentation, one that feels effortlessly natural, overwhelmingly friendly, and perfectly at ease with itself.

This font particularly shines in product packaging that’s geared toward homegrown, organic foods. Catrina’s pleasant, carefree architecture is a natural fit with anything handcrafted or homemade, making it an ideal choice for logos, advertising, labels, and signage for such wares. It’s also a lovely choice for greeting cards, scrapbook headings and entries, cook books, and would even serve well as an unconventionally gorgeous choice for web content, such as one might find on a food blog or related mobile app.

Catrina is available in six weights that include Thin, Light, Regular, SemiBold, Bold, and Black, with corresponding Handmade variations that carry a slightly more rugged, rustic appearance. Catrina also offers a set of beautifully crafted, handwritten cursive script catchwords and an additional set of playful dingbats, both of which celebrate food and beverages through their lovingly handcrafted demeanor.

Catrina provides OpenType features that include case sensitive forms, fractions that are perfect for attractive recipe cards, and standard ligatures. It extends multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, Dutch, and Afrikaans for international accessibility.

LatinoType currently offers more than 130 products on YouWorkForThem, with an incredibly varied portfolio that offers something for just about any type of project. They’re always working on new type designs so we suggest you keep an eye on them because you never know when something new is about to arrive!