Today’s world often feels like a constant rat race to see who can be the best, the most successful, the most perfect, beautiful human specimen on earth. Social media, in particular, has unfortunately given rise to a modern culture where any perceived imperfection is swiftly edited, completely erased until the final image presented displays an impossibly unrealistic standard that no one can attain.

As designers ourselves, we’ll be the first to admit that beauty absolutely has its place and it can be found just about anywhere. But beauty does not equate perfection, or vice versa, especially when it comes to the human existence. We’re all hopelessly flawed. Every. Single. One. Of us.

And you know what? That’s a beautiful thing. We’re human, and imperfect, and it’s a part of what makes each of us totally unique and totally awesome. So what if one of your feet is larger than the other? Or every time you comb your hair, you’ve got that one unruly tuft that refuses to cooperate so it sticks out, declaring its personal defiance to the world every single day of your life. Own it. It’s beautiful in its own way because it’s a part of you. (Plus, you’ll save a buttload of cash on hair gel, anyway — leaving you with more to spend on important things like fonts.)

Life’s way too short to be spent on futile attempts to obtain so-called perfection.

Take YouWorkForThem’s own in-house design, YWFT Absent Grotesque. It was designed to embrace and celebrate imperfection, a willful aesthetic that makes it stand apart from the rest. The idea behind our version was to lose the serious, all-business posture of those primary influences while bringing a little more “flawed” personality and character to their basic architecture. To achieve this, three different designers set out to produce three different weights, putting their own personal spin on each variation. For example, the letter “B” in the Light weight is quite different from the Medium weight, who in turn, is noticeably different from the Bold weight. To top it all off, we had three more designers come in and test Absent Grotesque, resulting in a “perfectly” imperfect, unique sans serif that has no equal.

Absent Grotesque’s lettering carries a slightly distressed appearance, giving it just a touch of an aged, vintage appeal. It’s an ideal choice for any design project that needs a decidedly casual and comfortable-in-its-own-skin type of vibe, including posters, signage, logos, labels, and social media images. Absent Grotesque is especially well suited to product packaging and advertising for homegrown, organic, and handmade food wares.

Absent Grotesque offers stylistic alternates for each weight and its corresponding italic version, and it extends multilingual support for Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, and Pan African Latin languages for global accessibility.

Right now through July 31, 2017, YWFT Absent Grotesque is on sale for 50% off of its regular price so it’s the “perfect” time to add this one to your font collection!

YouWorkForThem offers more than 100 products through our own portfolio, with a wide range of designs to suit a variety of themes and projects. If you love the casual warmth of YWFT Absent Grotesque, we’ve got a bunch of handmade organic-style fonts to choose from so go check them out!