As one of the very first dedicated type foundries to come out of St. Petersburg, Russia, TypeType foundry has been on a mission to create quality fonts that provide extensive language support and design versatility ever since its inception in 2013. Established by Alexander Kudryavtsev and Ivan Gladkikh, TypeType regularly collaborates with graphic designers, engineers, and typographers to release some of the most useful type designs on the market today.

Their design process always maintains a rigorous standard from start to finish, beginning with an assiduous approach to the drawing stage and thorough attention given during the testing stage, followed by the careful implementation of alterations that will optimize the finished product to the highest degree of excellence. Their releases are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and widely functional, giving graphic designers the very best products to work with.

One of their latest releases is TT Norms, a clean sans serif that was built on the basis of versatility.

When it came to the construction of TT Norms, TypeType foundry intended to design a contemporary geometric grotesk that could serve as a reliable, go-to workhorse font family. In fact, that ideal is what inspired the font’s name, with “Norm” being viewed as something of a regular standard, a constant and dependable option for, well, just about anything. During its development, TypeType paid particular attention to the geometry of TT Norms, ensuring that each glyph retained the classic proportions accurately while maintaining continuity between its forms.

TT Norms is an unbiased sans serif that absolutely shines in digital publishing, headlines, editorials, mobile apps, and web copy. Its neutral architecture makes it ideal for corporate communications, white papers, technical presentations, letterhead, logos, product packaging, and labels. Featuring nine weights that range from Thin to Black with corresponding italics for each, TT Norms is an exceptional choice for branding and identity, allowing for effortless design cohesion throughout every visual media application. It serves exactly as described by TypeType foundry: as “the one” universal geometric grotesk.

TT Norms offers a host of OpenType features, including contextual alternates, case sensitive forms, gorgeous discretionary ligatures, standard ligatures, numerators, denominators, fractions, tabular figures, subscript, superscript, and stylistic alternates that add a more humanistic touch. Its multilingual support is especially comprehensive, covering Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, Latin Ligatures, and Basic Cyrillic for global accessibility.

Right now, TT Norms is on sale for 80% off of its regular price through July 14, 2017 so it’s an excellent time to add this one to your collection.

TypeType currently offers 40 products through YouWorkForThem. Their portfolio contains everything from serifs, sans serifs, scripts, and display fonts so check them out and watch for new additions!