TypeType foundry is one of the first of its kind to manifest in St. Petersburg, Russia. Begun by Ivan Gladkikh and Alexander Kudryavtsev, TypeType has been collaborating with graphic designers and typographers since its inception in 2013.

Ivan’s career as a typographer began in a way that many of us can relate: a hobby turned itself into a viable means of employment. His beginning type designs were, as you might imagine, simple explorations into display fonts. With time and experience however, Ivan’s skills only continued to flourish.

“Font design as a profession has always been very complex and mysterious in some sense,” he told us, “so it has attracted me for the whole duration of the past 12 years.” When it comes to developing new letter sets, Ivan finds a great deal of inspiration whenever he travels abroad because as he observed, “different cultures have absolutely different typographics.”

One of TypeType’s most recent releases, designed by Ivan in conjunction with the TypeType team, is TT Prosto Sans. This sans serif is exactly what its name dictates in its native Russian: “Simply Sans.” With Prosto Sans, TypeType’s goal was to create “the simplest font possible,” one that would easily integrate itself into just about any design.

“Each line of this typeface is emotionally neutral and aims to not emphasize the text in its graphic representation, but only to use the text to convey the meaning,” they said of the Prosto Sans family. This results in a type design that’s essentially suitable for all occasions.

Prosto Sans offers five weights that range from Thin to Black, with corresponding italics for each, allowing for total design cohesion and making it an ideal choice for an incredible variety of projects. Bold headlines, newsworthy editorials, and objective body copy will make good use of Prosto Sans’ visual neutrality. It’s also an excellent type design for corporate identity and communications, white papers, and technical texts because it’s clean and modern without any additional frills or nonessentials. Prosto Sans’ crystal clear legibility in very small point will be of great benefit to mobile applications and web content.

Prosto Sans extends multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Pan African Latin, and Basic Cyrillic for global accessibility.

TypeType foundry currently offers 43 products on YouWorkForThem, with a range of products to suit a variety of project styles. Check out their portfolio to view their entire body of work and bookmark it so you won’t miss their future additions!