Aside from sharing important information with the public, package design has one primary goal: to entice the consumer to buy that product above all others of its kind. There is a strategy involved in this task, one that usually incorporates a delicate balancing act of creativity and innovation. With the myriad of products available on any given supermarket shelf, designing a food product package that stands apart from the rest is absolutely vital to successful sales.

Modern consumers are particularly interested in natural, whole, and organic goods, with an emphasis on maintaining good health and well-being. Since a food’s packaging is essentially a first impression, its design should immediately establish a sense of trust and build an emotional connection that compels the consumer to select that item.

“What fonts will instill a sense of trust?” you may wonder. For this type of marketing, handcrafted type designs will often appear to be the most friendly and approachable. Handmade fonts, simply because they were crafted by hand, will convey a subtle nuance of honesty, integrity, and dependability. When it comes to organic foods in particular, handcrafted fonts pair exceptionally well because, just as the product itself grew organically, the structure of the type design did, as well.

YouWorkForThem has rounded together five of our favorite in-house type designs for food product packaging, with a specific emphasis on homegrown, handcrafted, and hand drawn visual appeal.

YWFT Yoke is a distressed, all-caps sans serif with a bold posture. Yoke offers three styles for layering and unlimited variation within a design. While it might be a wee bit distressed, this type design offers clear legibility for name displays as well as small point ingredient listings and product details. Yoke Regular provides solid lettering, while Yoke Bicolor A and Yoke Bicolor B allow for dual color options on the top and bottom halves, respectively. To extend the possibilities of this font, you can layer both A and B over the regular weight and adjust your colors as needed. Our friends at PintassilgoPrints converted Yoke to working OpenType back in 2014, granting contextual and stylistic alternates. Multilingual support extends to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Pan African Latin, and Basic Greek for global accessibility.

YWFT Mr Hyde is a sweetly feminine, hand drawn serif that conveys an almost childlike innocence in spite of its name. Delicate curls, cutesy ornaments, and a host of spiral-y swash options show a softer side that’s beyond approachable, making it appropriate for package designs that will entice both children and adults to eat their vegetables — willingly. Mr Hyde offers standard ligatures, ornaments, swash, and stylistic alternates for incredible flexibility, and its multilingual support includes Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Pan African Latin, and Basic Greek. Because he’s a super-duper nice guy, Mr Hyde also includes the original EPS handset design for free!

YWFT Neighborhood screams “organic” through every line of its hand drawn serif architecture. Softly distressed lettering carries a vintage appeal; a result of blending structural elements from four distinct serifs to create a traditional letterpress atmosphere. This hand crafted type design feels antique, a characteristic which makes Neighborhood an especially strong choice for artisanal and organic food ware packaging. Its legibility is clear, even in small point, so it allows for flawless cohesion throughout the design. Neighborhood offers standard ligatures and contextual alternates, and extends its multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, and Pan African Latin languages for worldwide accessibility.

YWFT Mullino is an inky sans serif with a distinctly letterpress vibe. Available in Book and Medium weights, Mullino is another option that’s well suited to both display and detail text, being highly legible even in very small point for ingredient listings. The slightly distressed appearance of Mullino makes it appropriate for organic and handcrafted products that prefer a clean, simple presentation without a visual fuss. Its multilingual support covers Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, and Pan African Latin languages for accessibility.

YWFT Merry, designed by Jeff Rogers, is highly reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s own classic sketchery. This hand drawn type design remains fiercely loyal to Jeff’s original work, offering five variations for incredible versatility. Merry 3D is a three-dimensional pencil drawing, while Merry 3D Filled provides a heavy pop of shadow. Merry Outline offers the pencil lettering in single dimension, and Merry Filled gives that same pencil design a bolder and much more solid stance. Merry Line is the most delicate of the five, featuring simple lines that could easily pass for your own hand-printed lettering. Merry extends multilingual support to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, Dutch for exceptional global accessibility.

Right now, all five of these products are available for 50% off of their regular prices through May 31, 2017 so if you’re looking for the perfect foodie fonts at the very best prices, it’s a great time to add these to your collection!

As designers ourselves, YouWorkForThem offers its own portfolio of more than 100 products that include original fonts and vector illustrations appropriate for a huge variety of themes and projects!