Harboring a serious affinity for entrancing patterns, Irene Demetri always knew she wanted to explore a career in the arts, setting her sights on graphic design after finishing school. Upon receiving her MA in Visual Communication Design, she spent many years working in the field of web design before moving in her own direction to explore graphic design full time.

Irene clearly has a knack for developing striking motifs and a perfect example of this exceptional skill can be found in one of her most recent releases, Moroccan Seamless Patterns Vol. 2.

This ornate set of 15 distinctive geometric designs resonates a deeply boho-chic vibration that’s both classic and contemporary at the same time. Moroccan Seamless Patterns Vol. 2 offers a medley of fascinating shapes, embracing floral elements and geometric shapes to create a natural pairing that conjures the visual essence of mosaic design.

Moroccan Seamless Patterns Vol. 2 is an incredibly versatile set for a wide range of design projects. Stationery and wedding invitations will effortlessly carry an air of refined sophistication through the use of these patterns, although if they are paired with a casual font, they will just as easily present a more informal, laid back, and fun atmosphere.

Packaging projects and decorative product designs will also take advantage of Moroccan Seamless Patterns Vol. 2, a collection that is quite at home on everything from tote bags, coffee cups and mugs, wrapping paper, fabric for crafts or apparel, table setting linens, journals, and scrapbooking applications. Web design projects can add an extra layer of visual depth when patterns from this set are used as background images.

Moroccan Seamless Patterns Vol. 2 offers 15 scaleable vector AI format files, 15 scaleable vector EPS format files, 15 JPG files (2500 × 2500px; 300dpi), and 15 PNG files (transparent where applicable; 2500 × 2500px; 300dpi) for flexibility in just about any graphic design program.

Irene currently offers 25 products through YouWorkForThem and if you often work with seamless vector patterns in your own projects, check out the rest of her portfolio and purchase your favorites today!