Download Vild Scapes Font

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Chatnarong Jingsuphatada is a graphic designer who first began exploring typography when he found himself struggling to find the “perfect” fonts for his own work. His research and practice not only satiated his own design needs, it eventually led to the creation of Superstore Font Foundry, Chatnarong’s own establishment. “Having been a graphic designer, I have the insight of what graphic designers want and need regarding the usage and interestingness of fonts in their artwork,” Chatnarong told us.

His acute understanding of those needs is exactly what allows him to create type designs that are visually intriguing and provide extensive flexibility to graphic designers around the world.

One of Chatnarong’s most recent releases is Vild Scapes, a handcrafted script font with organically-drawn brush strokes. A family of modern calligraphy, Vild Scapes offers nine adaptations of inky lettering with varying degrees of texture, each with their own unique personalities and visual sensations.

Vild Scapes Brush is strong and solid, with fewer imperfections than its Inkless counterpart. Vild Scapes Brush Rust has a far more weathered feel, leaving areas of dry-brushing that create a sense of aging within its letterforms.

Vild Scapes Marker takes a smoother approach, squeaky and uninterrupted like a menu of today’s specials written on the glass window of your local diner. Vild Scapes Marker Inkless provides the same style of lettering with a bit more texture and imperfection along the edges. Vild Scapes Marker Rust features a much more distressed appearance; writing that was once concrete, faded and weathered by intense sunshine and the passing of time.

Vild Scapes Script is also available in Regular, Inkless, and Rust, rounding out the collection and giving designers a complete package of nine distinct letter variations to work with. Brush variations offer a larger paint brush style, Script presents a smaller paint brush style, and Marker carries a brush tip marker style, giving designers a lot of flexibility in their designs. Vild Scapes is ideal for branding, product packaging (especially for organic or whole foods), signage, advertising, posters, publishing, greeting cards, and so much more.

Vild Scapes also includes a set of Extras, a series of hand-drawn catch words perfect for joining larger words and phrases in complete displays, as well as nature-inspired icons like animals, birds, plants, landscapes, objects, and banners.

Vild Scapes’ multilingual support extends to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, and Basic Greek for worldwide accessibility.

Right now through May 31, 2017, Vild Scapes is on sale for an amazing 85% off of its regular price so it’s a fantastic time to add this one to your font stash!

Chatnarong currently offers 23 type designs through YouWorkForThem and he’s working on several new releases throughout this year. Visit his portfolio and bookmark it to keep an eye on his future additions!