Nestled among the rich history and beautiful landscape of Florence, Italy, Zetafonts works tirelessly to release type designs that effortlessly balance form with function. Established by Francesco Canovaro, Debora Manetti, and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini more than a decade ago, Zetafonts has an unquenchable passion for typography that intertwines letterforms with culture and the evolution of design throughout the ages.

“When you draw letters, you’re actually playing with the DNA of our culture, both visual and written,” they explained. “Even a slight stylistic choice connects to the history of taste and design, and allows us to enrich our shapes with cultural connections.”

For Zetafonts, the best fonts in the world are those which manage to achieve a timeless quality, never quite falling out of fashion by always remaining relevant to current design trends. It is a difficult balance to achieve, but Zetafonts’ body of work has done exactly that. “All our favourite typefaces stand in the middle ground between text and display, and we try to design fonts that are stylish enough to work in a logo but readable enough to work as paragraph text,” they said.

One of their latest releases is Altair, designed by Francesco Canovaro. This sans serif type family was formerly known as Digitalino, which was later expanded to become the gorgeous Altair we know today. Subtle calligraphic inflections provide this type design with a uniquely expressive and adaptable personality that exudes confidence without a hint of pretension. Altair’s design conveys an atmosphere of familiarity through a softly vintage timbre that echoes through its graceful letterforms.

Genial and sincere, Altair is well-suited for a diverse variety of design applications. Its lighter weights offer the clear legibility needed for publishing, editorials, corporate communications, web content, and mobile applications, while its heavier weights are ideal in grand displays, signage, advertising, logos, and product packaging.

Altair is available in seven weights that range from Thin to Ultra with corresponding italics for each and it supports more than 40 languages for global accessibility.

Zetafonts currently offers 13 products on YouWorkForThem. Visit their portfolio to view the rest of their products and bookmark it so you won’t miss their new additions when they arrive!