Mateusz Machalski is a co-founder of the creative group, Borutta, an organization whose primary specialty lies in crafting successful visual campaigns. A graphic designer and skilled typographer, Mateusz attended both Wydziale Grafiki ASP and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland, to obtain a solid education in his field. Much of his work has centered around typography with an emphasis on corporate identity and branding.

With a career that has included art direction for Warsawholic Magazine and visual identity for the Lech Wa??sa Solidarity Award, Mateusz bestows special attention to his own heritage through his creations. He has contributed two fonts to Warsaw Types, a project dedicated to type design that draws heavy inspiration from Warsaw’s typographical history over the last century.

Mateusz’s work offers a diverse assortment of design structures that celebrate geometrical shapes, distressed and weathered textures, letterpress-inspired designs, or contemporary serifs, providing solutions for just about every type of design project.

Released in December, 2016, Favela takes an experimental approach to geometric design. The scalable construction of Favela’s glyphs offer a wide variation through its weights while promoting visual cohesion throughout a project. The thinner, lighter weights are especially condensed, while its heavier weights carry themselves with a much broader stance.

Favela was intended to serve as a display font for signage, branding, and identity, which makes it a strong choice for projects that include logo design, advertising, letterhead, and bold headlines. The middle weights are most appropriate for body text, product descriptions, web content, and mobile applications. The lightest weights are beautiful as secondary text and peripheral accents, establishing an appealing contrast with its heavier counterparts.

Favela is available in nine weights that include UltraLight, Thin, ExtraLight, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, and Black, with corresponding italics for each. It features capitals to small caps, numerators, denominators, and small caps for elegant versatility. Multilingual support for Favela includes Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, and Pan African Latin languages for extensive global accessibility.

Mateusz Machalski currently offers 19 type designs through YouWorkForThem. If you like Favela, visit and bookmark his portfolio so you can see the rest of his work and keep an eye on his future additions.

Right now, Mateusz is currently working on developing Nocturne Pro, an extended version of the geometric style he released through the Warsaw Types project. Nocturne Pro is inspired by the lettering on stone tablets that commemorate the victims of World War II and pre-war Jewish shop signage. Mateusz is also immersed in the Bona Nova Project, taking the Bona typeface designed by Andrzej Heidrich in 1971 and digitizing it. Two completely new styles of Bona are planned and we can’t wait to see what they look like!