Paulo Goode is a professional graphic and web designer who has built a successful career through his hard work, creativity, and rigorous attention to the finest details of every project. With a strong skill set in branding and marketing, Paulo is enthusiastic about his vocation, tackling each project he encounters using innovative solutions that effortlessly pair user-friendliness with visual artistry. “I trained as a technical illustrator over 30 years ago, and, as a consequence, have always appreciated detail, precision and simplicity,” Paulo said.

His career in typography evolved quite organically; the seed initially planted itself in the late 1990s, yet didn’t fully take root for many years. While developing a corporate identity in 1998, Paulo’s proposal involved a hand-drawn typeface reminiscent of Trajan. His design would continue to linger in the back of his mind for years to come, taunting him to explore it further. In 2014, he finally dusted off those old files to create a complete font. The reception was positive, and the rest is, as they say, history.

“I find that what I am concentrating on at the moment as I learn the craft of type design is balance, and realizing more that it is the distribution of space between and around the letterforms which can make the difference between a good font and a great font,” Paulo explained. “I love that moment when you type for the first time with a new typeface and you get that rush of excitement as every word forms beautifully on your blank screen.”

“That’s what I have hopefully achieved with Didonesque,” Paulo expressed, referencing his most recent release. Didonesque is an elegant type design inspired by the classic and luxurious forms of Didone fonts.

“I was working on an identity for a client, they had suggested themselves that I should use Didot to create the logo,” Paulo told us. “In my initial sketches I had drawn a Didot-esque logo – it had a large x-height with short ascenders and descenders, plus a distinctive curved ‘y.’” While the client didn’t select that option, the design laid the groundwork for what would later become Didonesque.

“I was on a bit of a natural high, working night and day on it, seven days a week. It was thoroughly exhausting, and my heart and soul went into creating it,” Paulo admitted. “My inspirational typefaces were Didot, Bodoni and Pistilli Roman. I wanted to combine their influences into one family – that was the major challenge. I love Pistilli Roman, but it is quite different to Didot and Bodoni, so the challenge was capturing that lovely voluptuousness combined with its extreme contrast and bringing that seamlessly into the Didonesque family.” The poster weights of Didonesque accommodate the full-figured forms beautifully.

So far, the response to Didonesque has been positive and Paulo feels the best parts are yet to come. “The most enjoyment I get from type design is seeing my ‘fonts in use’ and how other designers work with them. As Didonesque is such a recent release, I still have those moments to look forward to,” he said.

Sophisticated, graceful curves give this contemporary font a timeless edge, making it a fashionable choice for a variety of design projects. Headlines, sleek advertising spreads, logos, branding, and product packaging will positively sing with the addition of Didonesque.

Didonesque features four weights in Roman and Condensed styles with corresponding italics for each, as well as Display and Poster variations that also offer italic versions. Additional treats include capitals to small caps, contextual alternates, case sensitive forms, fractions, standard ligatures, stylistic alternates, oldstyle figures, and small caps. Multilingual support for Didonesque extends to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, and Basic Greek for exceptional global accessibility.

Following its completion, Paulo created a microsite for Didonesque. “It shows more than I am able to on YouWorkForThem and I would be delighted if readers had time to check it out. Much of the content is chosen at random, so visitors will get a slightly different experience each time.” You can visit to see Paulo’s latest work in action; you won’t be disappointed!

Paulo Goode currently offers six products through his portfolio on YouWorkForThem. “I’m in the process of completing a geometric sans family. ‘Oh no, not another geometric sans!’ I hear you say… but this one is quite different to any others you may have seen. I’m really looking forward to releasing it,” he told us.

If his current body of work is anything to go by, Paulo’s future work gives us amazing things to look forward to!