RuleByArt is a creative studio founded by Robert Marks in 2013. A multidisciplinary artist with a strong background in photography, graphic design, motion graphics, and web design, Robert is exceedingly passionate about his craft.

RuleByArt offers art resources for designers, and premium artwork for brands, illustrators, musicians, and other clientele. Where much of the stock graphic market is typically centered around the needs of business designers, RuleByArt provides handmade and digital art resources aimed toward projects that allow greater creative freedom, ones that are quite literally, “ruled by art.”

One of RuleByArt’s latest additions on YouWorkForThem is Marble Textures, a series of ten layered, fully-editable Photoshop template files and 20 transparent PNG textures. Each one celebrates graceful fluidity and gentle movement through elaborate abstract formations.

Marble Textures gives designers a way to add marbling effects to any design with ease and absolute flexibility. Users can edit layer styles and blending modes to customize the appearance of every texture, providing a truly unlimited number of design possibilities.

Designers can use Marble Textures to create elegant stationery, postcards, and wedding invitations. Artists and photographers can apply abstract texturing to mixed-media artwork compositions, elevate photographs to unexpectedly inventive levels, add depth to digital illustrations and posters, or create compelling backgrounds and web graphics.

The files included in Marble Textures are 5000×5000 pixels in size, giving designers beautifully high-resolution results every time.

RuleByArt currently offers 46 products on YouWorkForThem, a varied collection of insanely gorgeous and functional textures, vectors, and patterns that digital artists will love. Visit their portfolio to view all of their products and bookmark it to watch out for future additions!