Run by Nils Thomsen in Hamburg, and Jakob Runge in Munich, TypeMates is a no-nonsense type foundry that offers a collection of multifarious typefaces and also works directly with clientele to tailor custom type designs. “We don’t believe that typefaces are neutral or purely functional systems for reading, rather that they are a visual language with emotional values,” they observed.

Jakob Runge studied communication design, getting a bachelor’s degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg and later acquiring his masters from Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel. For him, type design is more than the foundation of precise and coherent communication: it’s a passion. From the moment Jakob first attended school in Würzburg, he couldn’t imagine himself doing anything except making type.

An amazing font, in Jakob’s words, is “a unique design of letters and rhythm, and a technically well-produced font file.” He said that it can be difficult to find people who not only produce awesome character shapes, but are trained to make good diacritics and special characters while getting vertical metrics done simultaneously.

One of TypeMates’ latest releases is Muriza, a slab serif that Jakob designed with Jürgen Schwarz, a fellow designer who also received his bachelor’s degree in Würzburg and obtained his masters in Potsdam. With a shared enthusiasm for type, Jakob and Jürgen worked together to create Muriza, an unpretentious slab serif with enticing curves. “I really appreciate the collaboration with Jakob, this makes Muriza really special to me,” Jürgen told us.

Muriza initially began as a single-weight font, but the solid foundation of teamwork between Jakob and Jürgen led to the development of multiple weights and italics. “In general, slab serifs are quite sturdy and it is challenging to balance the heavy serif, especially in the bolder weights,” Jakob noted. Working together allowed them to explore all of the possibilities that would eventually become Muriza when it was finished, from the contrasts in stroke to their approach of the italics.

Muriza is a sensible typeface with a unique twist, unusual shapes in its serifs add an unexpected freshness to its straightforward aesthetics. Its legibility is as crystal clear as the water from a mountain lake, with easy readability even in small point.

Muriza is available in nine weights ranging from Hairline to Black, with corresponding italics for each. It’s perfectly appropriate for a wide range of projects, including headlines, editorials, advertising, publishing, letterhead, branding, logos, corporate correspondence, business cards, web content, and mobile applications.

Offering a ton of extra options, Muriza includes capitals to small caps, case sensitive forms, dingbats, oldstyle figures, tabular figures, numerator, denominator, slashed zero, small caps, and stylistic alternates for extensive versatility. Multilingual support covers Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, and Dutch for thorough accessibility.

TypeMates offers 11 products through YouWorkForThem and if you like Muriza you should check out their portfolio to view the rest of their work. Jürgen is thinking about a printed variant of Muriza with an authentic hand-crafted texture or a sans serif companion, although he admits that working full time presents a challenge to working on new typefaces. Jakob is finishing two typefaces designed with muscular branding in mind, Urby and Urby Soft, which will be arriving at YouWorkForThem in the coming weeks. He’s also working on a rounded version of Cera Pro, as well as a serif and sans superfamily, and potentially a slab version of Cera. When it comes to facing everything on his design plate, Jakob said, “Like Jürgen, I have many more ideas than time to realize them all.”

As designers ourselves, just about every single one of us knows exactly what that feels like and we wish them both the best in their future work.