After graduating from Universidad Nacional de Colombia in 1996, Manuel Corradine began working with his brother, creating elegant wedding invitations on handmade paper. The process of labeling the envelopes required Manuel to try his hand at calligraphy, an artistic touch that his clients absolutely loved. Over the course of twelve years, he developed a strong passion for calligraphy and lettering, an enthusiasm that eventually led to his designing his first typeface in 2006.

In the same way that so many artists criticize their own work, Manuel never considered his calligraphy to be “good enough.” He found that through the process of digitizing a font, he was able to control the finer details of every shape, tweaking them until he could get them just right. Manuel focuses on every detail, little things that he feels most people might never notice or fully appreciate, but that matter to the final result nonetheless.

When Manuel founded Corradine Fonts, he initially focused on handwritten and calligraphic fonts, although over time he began designing more formal and traditional styles. His body of work on YouWorkForThem is expressive and varied, a beautifully eclectic mix of serifs, sans serifs, scripts, and display fonts.

One of his latest releases is Triunfo, a contemporary slab serif with a decidedly sporty edge. Designed with Duvan Cardenas, Triunfo takes strides with confidence, its unabashed masculinity not quite masking its playful nature. Designed primarily as a display font, Manuel wanted to use octagonal shapes without harsh corners or sharp angles, resulting in a softer octagonal design.

Triunfo carries itself with a relaxed posture that makes it appropriate for a wide range of applications that include branding and identity, logo design, athletic apparel, advertising layouts, and product packaging. Sports-themed web content and mobile applications will also benefit from Triunfo, whose 21 weights and widths give designers an incredible amount of design flexibility.

Triunfo’s multilingual support extends to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Pan African Latin, and Dutch.

Right now, Triunfo is on sale for 85% off of its regular price through February 28, 2017 so it’s a fantastic time to get this one!

Corradine Fonts has some amazing designs available through YouWorkForThem and we recommend that you visit their portfolio to view all of their products. Corradine Fonts’ type designs are diverse and full of vibrant personalities that can be matched to a wide variety of projects, which is why we’re always looking forward to their future releases.