Alberto Romanos founded Branding With Type in 2014 after having spent many years focused on branding and identity. He has an uncanny ability to express the voice and personality of a brand, conveying its message and mission in a way that demands and captures immediate attention. His client list is impressive, an index that includes BP, Barclays, Wrigleys, British Airways, Mediclinic, Bain, Ernst & Young, Renault, Sony Ericsson, and Tetley, to name just a few.

Alberto’s own creative process often began at the typography stage before anything else, and this is partly what drew him to eventually pursue type design as a full-time career.

“Toying with letters was always present in my career since I remember but I think there are two points of no return,” Alberto told us. “The first one was the type design elective with Paul McNeill while doing my graphic design masters in London; that planted the seeds.” The second came roughly six years later, following his return to his hometown in north east Spain. “I was freelancing remotely and that allowed me to invest all those gaps waiting for feedback into type design,” Alberto explained, adding that it would have been impossible to do that while working from an office on someone else’s payroll.

His exploration into full time typography grew organically from that point on, a move that he hasn’t looked back from. Alberto’s success through Branding With Type is found in high-quality type designs with distinct personalities and adaptability for a wide variety of branding and identity applications.

His latest releases, Bw Glenn Sans and Bw Glenn Slab, are two siblings who actually get along with each other. “At some point a few years ago I was a heavy user of Lubalin Graph,” Alberto said. “I fell in love with its mechanical feel and how the slabs could link up if you were to tighten the tracking. I wanted to do something more legible but with the same strict geometric feel, so I started sketching Bw Glenn Slab.”

In turn, that meant Bw Glenn Sans would have to be more than just a simple exercise in chopping off serifs. “Bw Glenn Sans had to be the more human counterpart, balancing the more industrial feel of its serif companion,” Alberto explained. With Bw Glenn Slab, he examined early 20th century geometric slabs like Rockwell and Memphis. For Bw Glenn Sans, it then made perfect sense to observe grotesques from the same time period, particularly those with a more humanistic feel at that time, such as Gill Sans or Johnston.

“The main challenge was to keep them apart visually while sharing a lot of common design features,” Alberto remarked. Bw Glenn Sans and Bw Glenn Slab were developed simultaneously so they share x-height and modulation, elements that lend to their visual harmony.

These fraternal twins are both available in eight weights that range from Hairline to Black with corresponding italics for each. They offer tabular figures, oldstyle figures, case sensitive forms, fractions, standard ligatures, subscript, superscript, and stylistic alternates. Multilingual support extends to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, and Basic Greek for global accessibility.

Bw Glenn Sans and Bw Glenn Slab are appropriate for an incredible array of design applications, including print and digital publishing, headlines, editorials, advertising, branding, identity, corporate communications, white papers, business cards, web content, and mobile applications.

Both of these type designs are on sale for 75% off of their regular price right now through February 28, 2017 so it’s a fantastic time to add them to your font cache.

Branding With Type currently offers 11 products through YouWorkForThem. Visit and bookmark their portfolio to check out the rest of their type designs and keep an eye out for future additions. “There are always new fonts on the pipeline but commission work takes priority so it’s hard to tell when they’d be ready for release,” Alberto told us. No matter how much time they require, we’ll always look forward to Branding With Type’s new releases because they’re guaranteed to be awesome.