Zetafonts was begun by Francesco Canovaro, Debora Manetti, and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini more than ten years ago. Based in Florence, Italy, Zetafonts has collaborated with an extensive list of designers to develop typefaces that are beautiful and above all, functional. With a flair for experimentation and innovation, they seek to offer designers fonts that will provide exactly what they need for their projects.

One of their latest additions on YouWorkForThem is Cocogoose Pro, a geometric sans serif font that’s a part of their Coco Gothic superfamily — Zetafonts’ homage to fashion throughout the 20th century. Each variation of the Coco Gothic family represents an entire decade of style, aptly named after Coco Chanel. Cocogoose Pro struts with a decidedly 1950s flair, featuring a higher x-height and a bolder regular weight than the normal Coco Family.

As Zetafonts told us, “The main challenge in designing the Cocogoose family was to balance its vintage look with a contemporary sensibility.” To achieve this, some of its letterforms follow modernist sans proportions rather than strict, geometrical ones, a characteristic that is particularly evident in the letters S, E, and F. Other details, like the tails of G and Q, are minimized to make the ultralight weights appropriate for luxury and fashion applications.

“We wanted Cocogoose to give its users a set of possibilities to experiment different styles for display use while remaining a strong, affordable typeface family for standard text handling,” Zetafonts explained. During its creation, the studio greatly enjoyed designing the display variants, from the letterpress version (which mimics real printing with four randomly selected variants for each letter), to the “block” package, which allows multi-layer coloring of the letters.

The final result is a stunningly gorgeous sans serif whose geometric shapes exude grace and strength. Cocogoose Pro manages to strike a perfect balance between contemporary design aesthetics and vintage panache. Bold and elegant, this type design is well-suited for a wide range of projects including fashion or advertising layouts, branding, identity, and product packaging.

Cocogoose Pro is designed to be exceedingly flexible, offering five weights with corresponding Italic, Inline, Outline, and Letterpress variations for each. The family also offers Block Border, Block Gradient, Block Innerline, and Block Shadow display versions for expanded design potential. Oldstyle figures, small capitals, and a full Greek and Cyrillic letter set provide designers with exceptional fluidity and international accessibility.

Cocogoose Pro is on sale for 70% off of its regular price through January 31, 2017.

Visit Zetafonts’ portfolio today to view the rest of their products and bookmark it to watch for new additions because they’re working on some exciting things! Zetafonts intends to continue supporting and expanding upon Cocogoose and the entire Coco family. Zetafonts told us, “An Arabic version is under development, making Coco our first type family to include Arabic language support.” They also plan to add a condensed weight and a “sharp” variant without rounded corners to Cocogoose in 2017.