David Kerkhoff began his career as a type designer in a way that so many others do: after experiencing the difficulty of finding the “perfect” font for a project, one decides to solve the problem simply by creating their own. When David initially set out to create a website for the display and sale of his photography, the ideal handwritten font eluded him so he tried his hand at type design. While his first font was “ugly” in his own opinion and never actually made it onto the site (we’ve all been there, right?), the project began a brand new and completely unexpected career path. Hanoded foundry was born from that life-changing metamorphosis.

The Hanoded foundry operates out of The Netherlands and primarily focuses on handwritten letter sets, using tools that include brushes and paint, pens and ink to create them. It’s received quite a bit of notoriety, too – his designs have been used on promotional tools and merchandise by Cirque Du Soleil, Singapore Airlines, Unox, Flying Tiger, and Quaker, as well as album covers for Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy, Lil Blood, and Tryptocaine, just to name a select few.

Hanoded’s type designs are spectacular and extensive, and we’re really excited to announce that from right now through February 6, 2017, all of its fonts are on sale for 50% off!

Drop Dead Gorgeous is a thick-lettered, brush script made from Chinese ink. With a modest slant toward the right, this all-caps font is terrific for bold displays like posters, book covers, and signage designed to grab the viewer’s attention.

Brush Crush features upright brush lettering, written with Chinese ink on watercolor paper. The bold strokes read with intention, leaving a powerful message behind on large displays, posters, book covers, headlines, and advertisements.

Same Same, But Different is written with thinner strokes and a looser hand. Reminiscent of notes written in the margin or “To Do” lists, this script has terrific legibility and a playful personality.

Canoodle is a sans serif all-caps letter set with a lovable soul. Contemporary with an endearing tenor of “cutesy,” Canoodle takes a softer, sweeter approach in its messages, which is why this font is particularly excellent for children’s books and greeting cards.

Cortese is a 70s-themed type design capable of creating especially interesting text layouts. Cortese features 135 interlocking ligatures, accents, and also provides extensive multilingual support that includes Cyrillic. This font is great for large displays, posters, and book covers.

Mango Smoothie is a tall, thin, and refreshing letter set. This all-caps design is a little irregular yet it maintains a perfect balance of flavors: lively, happy, and fun. Mango Smoothie is excellent for signage that just wants to play, or children’s book covers and content.

Abeille leaves its own honey-sweet disposition dripping over everything it touches. Perfectly quirky and easily legible, Abeille is hand-drawn with a romantic edge that makes it even more delightful.

Mr Stickman is a modern, narrow letterset with an informal tone and a playful temperament. Featuring both upper and lowercase letters, Mr Stickman also comes with a Stickman Action Figures pack: 54 dingbats of stickman illustrations involved in all sort of hijinks!

Bintang is a computer enhanced, hand drawn all-caps type design. Narrow and stylish, Bintang is a fun addition to design layouts that take a livelier approach, particularly in book covers, magazines, posters, and product packaging.

Bodiam is a slightly roughened, didone-inspired letter set that would be right at home in a fairytale, especially if that fairytale has a castle somewhere in the story. Bodiam is an all-caps font that’s packed with diacritics and features extensive multilingual support.

Closet Skeleton is a gorgeously hand drawn, didone-based type design. Gnarly curls and jaggedly cut-out edges add just a hint of creep factor without going over-the-top scary. This font is well-suited for fairytales, particularly children’s books that feature spooky forests and talking trees.

Clochard is a jovial, Bodoni-ish letter set that is packed with charm. Slightly irregular and rough, Clochard’s “imperfections” are what make it so appealing in design layouts that take a more playful, quirky approach to their design.

Garden Gnome is an adorable, totally kid-friendly type design. With clean legibility and rounded characters, Garden Gnome is absolutely perfect for logos, product packaging, and books designed specifically with children in mind.

Jalebi is a thick, uneven all-caps font that speaks as loudly as its words. Bold and anything but insignificant, Jalebi makes a statement in large displays, signage, headlines, and product marketing that will gain a lot of attention.

Moonlight Serenade is a sans serif, hand printed letter set with a narrow silhouette. Highly legible and friendly, Moonlight Serenade is a beautiful all-caps design that’s great for product packaging and advertising layouts, as well as children’s books and kid-friendly infographics.

New Beginnings was Hanoded’s aptly-named first release of 2016. Rounded letters exude happiness and joy, making this font a particularly great choice for children’s books and kid-centric product packaging designs.

Sensory Overload is a thick, heavy brush script that provides a lot of texture with its messages. Created with a Chinese brush and ink, Sensory Overload is a bold choice for large displays, signage, posters, and book covers.

Sugary Pancake is a bouncy, playful type design built with kids in mind. Highly legible and easily approachable, Sugary Pancake is a friendly addition to posters, product packaging, and children’s books.

Umbilical Noose is certainly the most unsettling font in our list, featuring rough strokes and splatters with a grotesque edge. Umbilical Noose is not for kids; instead, this type design is far better suited for posters and book covers that will appeal to adult fans of the horror genre.

We highly recommend that you check out the rest of Hanoded’s portfolio because with almost 100 products available through YouWorkForThem, there is something for every design project.