Founded in 2007, LatinoType was Chile’s first digital type foundry. Harmonizing South American influences with modern aesthetics, LatinoType has certainly left its mark on the graphic design world. What began as a one man show with Miguel Hernández at the helm, eventually grew to include Luciano Vergara and Daniel Hernández, further perpetuating the foundry’s success over the years.

The men behind LatinoType are reaching ever forward in their field, carefully crafting some of the most inventive and practical lettersets available on the market today. One of their recent releases, Hogar Slab, effortlessly pairs a modern slab serif with a beautiful cursive script, providing a complete lettering system that offers incredible versatility.

Hogar Slab delivers clean legibility and sophistication for editorial content, advertising spreads, and web applications. Hogar Slab Script is an elegant and fashionable choice for logos, branding, product packaging, and invitations.

Hogar Slab is available in five weights, each including Slab, Slab Italic, and Script variations for a total of 18 letter sets. A bonus set of contemporary furniture patterns gives graphic designers an additional edge in their work. Hogar Slab’s multilingual support includes Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Pan African Latin, Dutch, and Afrikaans. Supplemental features like fractions, ligatures, oldstyle figures, and contextual alternates make this font an incredibly well-rounded addition to any designer’s type stock.

Through December 31st, Hogar Slab is on sale for a whopping 75% off of its regular price, so grab this one while it’s hot!

LatinoType has a substantial selection of more than 125 type designs available at YouWorkForThem. Be sure to visit their portfolio, and purchase your favorites today!