As the founder of Typogama digital type foundry, Michael Parson exudes nothing less than an absolute passion for typography and design. After receiving a BA in Graphic Design from Ecole Bellecour Supdemod in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2002, Michael continued to explore the possibilities of typography through the use of computers and digital software.

Michael’s originality and design sense work together to produce designs that benefit the world around him, from local brands to international corporations. When he’s not busy creating, he’s teaching graphic design skills to a new generation of students who will one day blaze their own trails through the design world. Michael’s work certainly does set a high bar, and we’re loving every minute of it.


Apollonius is an elaborate display typeface that balances bold strokes with thin pairings that are accentuated by luxurious, sweeping curls. Feminine and mysterious, Apollonius demands a viewer’s undivided attention and will hold that gaze indefinitely. This type design is best used in larger displays, branding, or grand fashion spreads.

Heraldry is a set of ornamental dingbats designed to add a medieval touch to graphic design layouts. Featuring 246 glyphs, Heraldry contains all the bits and pieces you’d need to build an entire coat of arms in minutes. This set includes shields, banners, flourishes, and figure silhouettes fit for a king’s army.

Checkpoint is a rounded sans serif with a clean, contemporary look. Featuring three weights with corresponding italics, Checkpoint is a versatile type design for editorial applications, branding, logo design, white papers, signage, and titling. This font also includes multilingual support, including a complete Cyrillic character set, contextual alternates, fractions, and ligatures.


Ealing is a beautiful sans serif design with a real flair for the Art Deco era. This font family contains three weights with corresponding italics, giving designers a wide range of design options. Ealing‘s Thin lettering is as delicate as a whisper on the wind, while Black is as chunky as they come. Pairing the two together will add serious drama to any design layout with just a hint of 1930’s glamour thrown in for good measure.

Lale is another dingbat font from Michael Parson. Floral in nature (pardon the lame pun), Lale is an elegantly simple way to add flowery designs to any project. Further enhanced by layering “letters” atop each other, this font is wonderful for stationary, card stock design, invitations, and product packaging.


Pictypo is a dingbat series of objects from everyday life. Ideal for icons and mobile design projects, Pictypo features hand positions, arrows, modern devices, weather, office items, vehicles, and a host of other objects that are common to our modern existence.

Prox is a narrow sans serif type design. Contemporary with a rather corporate feel, Prox is terrific for business letterhead, white papers, and logo design. This sans serif font is also fantastic in web design layouts, particularly for mobile devices, because Prox is easily legible in both large and very small point.

Quam is a sans serif font that rocks a futuristic vibe. Boxy, yet slightly rounded in the most unexpected places, Quam was designed to be used as both a display or a text font. In displays, Quam is fresh and gets down to business; as body text, it exudes advances in technology, computers, and science.


Vulgat is a sans serif type design from Parson’s Typogama foundry. If we had to choose only two words to describe this font, it would be “corporate sophistication.” With a decidedly European flair, Vulgat is ideal for branding, titling, logos, letterhead design, and business cards that need a touch of elegance without going over the top.


Quean is a sweeping brush script font that takes after popular mid-century advertising styles. Bubbly and feminine, Quean is casual and bold, adding a hand-painted touch to large displays, advertisements, branding, and product packaging.

Michael Parson continues to deliver typography to its fullest potential, and we can’t wait to see the next design he creates! Visit Michael’s portfolio to view all of his products available through YouWorkForThem and purchase your favorites today!