What is a WebFont

In the early days of the web, browsers were limited to a certain set of fonts. Even today, the list is short: Arial, Book Antique, Comic Sans, Courier New, Geneva, Georgia, Helvetica, Impact, Lucida Grande, Lucida Sans Unicode, Palatino Linotype, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Times, Trebuchet and Verdana. Fortunately, the advent of WebFonts and their refinement over the last few years allows for designers to choose any font for display in their websites, with a simple CSS declaration.

A WebFont is a font that has been formatted to work in a web browser. It is loaded in the code using CSS, with the@font-face declaration (see “How to use WebFonts“). Using a WebFont is a powerful way to stylize web content easily, without using any graphical elements. Additionally, using WebFonts can impart a strong sense of identity or branding to a site that instantly sets it apart.

WebFonts are available in the following five file formats: EOT, WOFF2, WOFF, SVG, and TTF. These four formats allow for the font to be compatible with all of the web browsers. WebFonts only come in these formats, and cannot be installed on a computer for use in desktop applications, and the opposite is also true. WebFonts and desktop fonts are different formats that are not compatible with each other.

Here at YouWorkForThem, we believe you should pay once and receive the files for the fonts you license.

WebFonts and desktop fonts require different, separate font licenses. WebFonts here at YouWorkForThem are licensed based on monthly page views, for a one-time fee. You host the files yourself, on a server of your choosing, unlike subscription-based models from corporate providers like Adobe’s Typekit, who keep the files, track your use, and break your site if you miss a payment  (or if their servers crash). Here at YouWorkForThem, we believe you should pay once and receive the files for the fonts you license.

If you’re not sure how many monthly pageviews you will have in the future–for instance if your business grows and you begin to receive more and more traffic–you can upgrade your license from the Manage License section of your account. You only need to pay the difference. Traffic should be based on a six-month average of your stats, or an estimate if six months are not yet available.

For more information, check out our WebFont page, and feel free to contact us should you need any further clarification.