Last fall, YouWorkForThem introduced FontPath, our new technology to help you discover and sort fonts.

It’s 100% code-based, real time font testing, instantly showing you the actual font data–no images anywhere–so it’s incredibly responsive, and we’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from designers who are hailing it as their all-time favorite way to easily find the perfect font.

And now…we’re very excited to announce the second version of FontPath. Despite still being a public beta, this is a significantly more powerful tool, with more updates in store over the coming months.

Here’s a list of what’s new in this version:

  • View complete font families
  • Improved support and redesigned menus for tablets and phones
  • Larger (3x) font previews
  • Sale prices are now shown when an item is on sale
  • Search functionality updated–for example you can find all script fonts that are currently on sale by typing “sale+script
  • Thousands more fonts added, with more added everyday
  • Product descriptions (short version) now appear when you view a font, along with links to the font designer / type foundry.

Finally, and coolest of all–users can drag and drop favorite fonts (starred items) next to one another, in order to compare their selections side by side. You can then share the URL to friends and teammates so others can quickly review and update.

The next version will offer even more speed and cooler features, including a way to instantly purchase directly. And remember, since FontPath is 100% webfont based, no images are ever loaded, since everything happens instantly, in real time.

FontPath remains a public beta, and we welcome your feedback.