Looking for a very creative sans-serif font that is easily readable at any size? Sempletica Pro is a very eclectic, powerful choice. Designed by the talented and popular CanadaType, the font was created in part by reappraising Semplicità, Alessandro Butti’s 1930 design for Nebiolo.

Toronto-based CanadaType is inspired by classic font designs, and have created typefaces for such companies as Disney, Amazon, Apple, the BBC and the Wall Street Journal. Of Alessandro Butti’s original design, they say, “fueled by Futura, Semplicità gave us the clue to the future: Replace the cool geometric Teutonic soul of Futura with the warm, humanist, calligraphic letterforms that are characteristic not of the Bauhaus but of the Italian Renaissance.”

Semplicita Pro hearkens back to the warmth and beauty of the Renaissance times, while offering a clean, eminently legible font–a perfect blend of form and function. Print Mag notes in its article about overlooked typefaces that “Semplicità was the most popular sans serif in Italy during the Fascist era, but it is little known outside of that country.”


That classic power of Semplicità has been reborn in Semplicita Pro, which removes some of the more intricate and embellished aspects of the original, while including the classic calligraphic style.

Download Sempletica Pro today.