Canada Type’s Gibson font family has quickly become the one of the company’s most popular products. Perfect for branding and design, Gibson’s eye-catching boldness pays homage to an intrepid man and his legacy.

The typeface was named by its creator Rod McDonald for his close friend and colleague John Gibson (1928-2011), and produced by Kevin King and Patrick Griffin of Toronto’s Canada Type. John Gibson lived a prolific life as a typeface designer, and after his retirement in 1993, he maintained a vested interest in Canada’s graphic design world until his death in 2011.

Created as a humanist sans-serif font with a high stroke contrast, Gibson was designed to be highly attractive yet legible, attracting the eye and leading the reader on. Its simple, bold structure and evenly-placed letter design also honor the age-old tradition of handcrafted typefaces.

The handcrafted look of Gibson still works powerfully in all modern applications, and is perfect for creating eye-catching headers and transforming tedious paragraphs into engaging experiences. It is a truly flexible typeface that adapts seamlessly to different designs, much as John Gibson did throughout his lifetime.

Not only does Gibson act as a timeless tribute to its namesake, a portion of the revenue made from every license is returned to the design education and creative arts in Canadian schools through the Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) Design Education Committee, of which John Gibson served as a founding member. A number of Canadian design schools have already made the Gibson font a prized part of their education programs, with its low price being affordable enough for students to own their own licenses.

Gibson’s simple, bold nature makes it an excellent choice in both display and print projects, and it is embraced by many brands internationally. Download Gibson today, and become part of this design legend.