Are you searching for a font for your project, and getting bored or overwhelmed with your options? Some fancy fonts take things to extremes, and end up being downright illegible, while on the other hand, many traditional fonts are bland and overused. If you’re looking for a modern, minimalist approach while avoiding another rehash of Times New Roman, you definitely want to check out the The Northern Block.


This type foundry was formed in 2006 and has 85 delightfully modern fonts to choose from! There are fonts that work very well for logos and titles, such as Finlek–a handcrafted font with an unconventional creative style that feels like it was just dashed it out in ink on paper. Despite its fun flair, it’s easy to read and won’t leave people scratching their heads wondering what “SILF” means.


Another great title font is Qiber, which provides a funky playful feel by mixing small caps with lowercase fonts. Symbah is another playful font, possessing of a childlike spirit while providing a bit of old school class, with an elegant touch of cursive.


For the body of your work, refuse hamfisted Helvetica, and average Arial, and try Northern Block’s interesting array of easy-to-read fonts such as Gelder SansGrottel or Reagan. All eminently legible, but imbued with a fresh dose of that modern style that breathes life into your project and lifts you above everybody else.

With 85 fonts to choose from, you are bound to find the right font for your project. Whether designing a new mobile app, a video game, or a book for publication, keep your project feeling fresh and modern with The Northern Block.