Plau Type Foundry

Plau is having an exclusive sale on their designs for the next month, saving you 50% off the regular prices. Plau is a design studio based in Rio de Janeiro helping shape companies visual and digital identities. They also design retail typefaces and collaborate with other design studios and ad agencies on logotype refinement and custom typefaces for their clients.

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Motiva Sans is a clean sans serif with true italics. Sporting Light, Regular and Bold weight, it comes with essential Open Type features such as small caps, caps to small caps, tabular, lining, oldstyle figures, fractions as well as extended language support. It also works quite well in print and digital screen environments. The italics are more cursive than the average sans serif design and provide very good contrast to the their roman counterparts. Motiva Sans is currently used as the UI/UX font for the video game distrubution platform Steam.


Futurist typeface from the programming era, Plau is a 6 weight sans-serif with rounded corner personality and interestingly deliberate lettershapes. Comfortable in headlines, reads surprisingly well in longer passages of text. Its usage ranges from branding and print to web in less than 5 milliseconds. Plau includes OpenType features such as OT All Small Caps, Small Caps, Fraction, Proportional/Tabular Oldstyle and lining figures, subscript and superscript numbers.


Guanabara is the third release of Plau Type Foundry (formerly known as Niramekko). It started from the need of a wayfinding typeface that had personality enough to be the brand typeface for a city. From there, it evolved to be a workhorse, with 8 weights from Thin to Black and matching true italics. It just had to have the features that all us designers have grown to love, such as alternate letters (a, g and r for the romans), tabular and proportional figures in lining and oldstyle set-ups as well as small caps, fractions and all that jazz (I mean, samba).